Carolina Soto and the distressing moment she lived with her son: “I panicked, I lost control” | Entertainment

Days ago, the presenter Carolina Soto was conspicuous by her absence on the program
Day by Day, from Caracol Television
. Her companions assured that the journalist had a family inconvenience, something that worried her followers and the fans of the program.

However, Carolina Soto recently spoke out and explained in detail the reasons that forced her to leave the program. “I have something to tell you that is from a horror movie. It happened to me last week. I want to tell you this so that you are aware and very alert, and they are not going to have to live a situation like the one I had to live last Thursday”commented.

The journalist began by saying that “I was getting ready to go to work, to the program, and they called me from Valentino’s school to tell me that he had swallowed a marble. You can’t imagine I panicked, I totally lost controlIn addition to the fact that my husband was in Mexico, then I had to run like crazy in the car, because they told me that I had to go there, to pick him up and take him to the clinic.

Caroline Soto
he arrived at his son’s school and realized that he was fine; however, he still felt anguish about what could happen to him.

“They did an X-ray, the ball did come out, and they gave us a laxative so that he could take it and expel it. We did the task judiciously and, fortunately, the ball came out. With that, the soul returned to the body to all of us in the house,” he added.

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Finally, Carolina advised parents to be very aware of their children and to remind the little ones that “they should not put anything in their mouths at all.”