Caroline de Maigret and her musical idyll with Chanel in Saint-Tropez

Each summer the exclusive Chanel boutiques-which only open seasonally in Saint-Tropez, Capri and Marbella- make these Mediterranean destinations the most desirable corners to visit and buy.

A seasonal boutique

In the one of Saint Tropez, located in the villa La Mistrale for more than 10 years, a beige and black van with the double C logo was installed on July 12 and 13 and the link between fashion and music was celebrated with a tour of the Mediterranean, the Chanel Summer Tour.

Chanel’s van at villa La Mistrale in Saint Tropez.Courtesy of Chanel

At the request of the Maison’s creative director, Virginie Viardthe ambassador of Chanel Caroline de Maigret I invited the model Blesnya Minher already the singer Angle for the first stop at the Chanel seasonal boutique in Saint-Tropez.

Music and fashion in Saint tropez

The model Blesnya Minher.

The model Blesnya Minher.Courtesy of Chanel

The shop ha redecorated as a vacation home in shades of beige, pink, black and white to house the spring-summer 2022 prt–porter collections, the 2021/22 Mtiers d’art and the Chanel Coco Beach.

Blesnya Minher, Ang

Blesnya Minher, Angle, Caroline de Maigret and Karidja Tour.Courtesy of Chanel

In a cozy atmosphere, the guests enjoyed petanque games, the van was transformed into a photographic studio and musicians close to the House played and played songs on vinyl records. In addition, the evening was enlivened on the piano by the Chanel ambassador, Angle.


Angle enlivened the night at the piano.Courtesy of Chanel

On the morning of the 13th, the guests attended a style talka pleasant conversation between Caroline de Maigret and Blesnya Minher.

The Dj Marine Neuilly in the temporada store of Chanel in Saint Tropez.

The Dj Marine Neuilly in the temporada store of Chanel in Saint Tropez.Courtesy of Chanel

Chanel’s seasonal boutique in Saint-Tropez will be open until the end of September 2022.

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