Caroline Néron back in business!

Caroline Nero first went back to her old way of running a business and what had led her to bankruptcy:

« My biggest mistake is really to have delegated, but in a blind way. In a lazy way. I was like ‘I’m paying him $ 250,000, he’s going to handle it like people. In the end, I kept the part I liked the most, which was business creation and development. I was often in my office in Paris, I traveled … […] I lost control. I lost control over spending. »

Then, she explained that she now had a business partner and opened up about her ambitions:

« Today I have a wife as a business partner. She’s a fighter, she’s really been a warrior. She’s a girl who fought with me because she was my vice-president for 12 years. She has never let go, so I know I have the best partner. So there, I see it completely in another way. I still have big ambitions. Are they that big [qu’avant] ? No. I live a great quality of life. I’m not necessarily talking about money, but I want time. I want something zen. I want healthy employees. I would like to keep a small team. “


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