Carrie Bickmore has given contradictory advice on “social distancing”.

Carrie Bickmore repeated the resounding feeling of confused Australians at The Project tonight, expressing her frustration at the uncertainty of what we can and cannot do as we “distance ourselves”.

The Gold Logie winner spoke passionately after a section explaining why social distancing is essential to slow the spread of the corona virus and admitted that she still doesn’t know exactly what is “allowed” and what is not .

When asked by Monty Dimond, who appeared on the video link, Bickmore said that we need more instructions on what activities we shouldn’t do, especially with young children.

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“I had a hard time not really knowing what to do and what not to do,” Dimond admitted to the panel.

“Like this morning, I went out and took my boys on a ride and I got a coffee and it was next to a park and I think if I got that coffee the boys should go to the park even though there was nobody else ? “, she asked.

Regarding the feeling of confusion, Bickmore replied, “I feel like there is a lot of gray area right now and it is not helpful,” she said before passionately advocating for more leadership.

“We need complete lists of what we can and cannot do.”

“Nobody has traveled this world and we don’t know what we are doing and we want to be socially responsible.

“Be clear, lead us and tell us what you expect from us, and we’ll follow suit, but it’s really hard to leave it up to us to guess,” she said to the panel, raising her arms in frustration.

“You ask people to make decisions and we are not qualified to make them,” she concluded, and asked Waleed to tell her “just not doing what you think”.

“But if you have young children, you have to go out sometime, otherwise I will go crazy,” said the mother of three.

“So is it socially irresponsible to take it out for 10 minutes, or is it okay? I feel like the whole thing just won’t do it if you are not sure if it is not that easy – it is easier said than done, ”she said.

“But we’re all in a difficult time,” argued Waleed.

“You will have to do difficult things. It will be difficult for all of us. “

The panel’s debate took place just hours before the cabinet meeting to discuss the “second stage” of the slowdown in spread.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with state and territorial leaders tonight with strict new guidelines for the public.

According to experts, this could include time-controlled visits to the supermarket, transport restrictions and alternative working hours as more offices are instructed to close.

Australians could even face restrictions on hosting social gatherings within their own four walls, as the nation is headed for a British-style closure that could take months.

The project will be broadcast on channel 10 at 6:30 a.m. from Sunday to Friday.


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