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"Carrie" musical in Hamburg: The best production of the Stage School

"Carrie" is pure horror. The first novel by Stephen King made him world famous in 1974. Two years later, "Carrie – Des Satan's Youngest Daughter" starred as Sissy Spacek and John Travolta as Billy Nolan, directed by Brian De Palma. Finally, in 1988, "Musical King" Friedrich Kurz ("Cats", "Phantom of the Opera", "Starlight Express"), "Carrie" on Broadway out – for him, the piece was a sheer horror. At the Altona premiere, Kurz was among the guests and said that the performance, which was discontinued after five match days, he has set aside $ 7.5 million in the sand, according to "New York Times" was "Carrie" the most expensive flop with the shortest duration of Broadway history.

And yet the chances for Stage School's year-end production at the in-house theater in Thedestraße were not so bad as the musical beginnings suggest. "Carrie" was revised several times in the 90s and matured in off-productions in New York and London to the cult of the Grusical disciples. On this basis, the young director Felix Löwy dared a new production with the newly graduates – supplemented by musical star Maya Hakvoort. Born in Holland, she celebrated her breakthrough in Vienna in the mid-nineties as Elisabeth in the musical of the same name and sang the role more than 1000 times worldwide.

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Hakvoort's Margaret White, Carrie's mother, suddenly became the focus of the "Carrie" production and became not only one of the most interesting characters, but also the scariest. The religious fanatic brutally suppresses her daughter Carrie with brainwashing that is both hostile to women and hostile to life in medieval radical Christian cult ideology, thus nourishing the cycle of mobbing and telekinetic counter-violence by the oppressed. Margaret smells Satan on every corner and considers the girl's natural development as a woman's work of the devil.

Unexplained has Carrie – gray sweater, blue denim skirt, tights, blundered treads, cross on the chain, in short: the costumes of Lauren Slater-Klein are excellently – after the sport in the girls shower at their first rule a panic attack and is then by the mocked and humiliated other girls, until the sports teacher (Isabelle Schubert) puts an end to the haunting. Gradually, Carrie realizes that her revenge fantasies really work. In the sports hall, a lightbulb pops through, sometimes a bad boy pops off the skateboard as desired. The fate takes its course.

From the bullying victim to the gunman

Like most recently "Sherlock Holmes – The Next Generation" at First Stage Theater Ethan Freeman, this time Hakvoort – simply a caliber other than the musical graduates – became the vocal and dramatic scale on which others could grow. What they did through the bank.

In particular, Lorena Dehmelt as Carrie in the duets with Hakvoort vocally had hardly a chance, but she used them. Thus, with the desperately struggling mother-daughter songs, the musically touching moments of the evening were created. Director Lewy gives the conflict exactly the space he needs to be told. He is the basis for the adolescent tragedy, in which Carrie first becomes a victim of bullying and then – humiliated at the prom – becomes a gunman who kills almost all teachers and classmates in a fit of desperation.

In the musical she shares electric shocks, as in the novel. A little bangs and it also sizzles, but a cinematic conflagration would go in the theater anyway only by video and would be much weaker. Only for the uninitiated spectator, the mass concept opens up technically unsatisfactory. Yet, in the end – as with Shakespeare – almost everyone on stage is dead. Only Susan (Larissa Pyne), who Carrie leaves well for the high school ball the place at the side of her friend Tommy (Tim Taucher), survives.

"Carrie", the best production of the Stage School so far

Pyne does a very good job as a naïve narrator – her police interrogation, with the policeman's voice coming off the hook, forms the setting for the "Carrie" plot, which is retold. The big pound with which Löwy proliferates is the graduation of school graduates, which gives production a secure basis. There never comes the worry, that someone can not live up to his role. Actually "Carrie" is the Stage School's best production so far. Singing and dancing, the level here leaves much to be desired anyway. The choreographies of Phillip Kempster sweep quickly, as fancifully as powerful, congenial through the fantastic stage design of Felix Wienbürger and Löwy.

With a few props that are moved quickly by the many performers and changing back walls, the venues change. Thus, the scene change takes place in almost cinematic tempo, which accommodates the breathless viewer. He stares still stunned at Carrie's bed and penitentiary under the stairs and the monstrous mother, who decides to stab her daughter after her return home with a knife, as even the Prom takes its fatal course with decorated tables and dance. Tommy and Carrie are chosen as the pair of the evening according to the intrigue of their intimate enemies Billy (Nils Marckwardt) and Chris (Alexandra Nikolina).

This guarantees that they are standing where Chris and Billy have hung a bucket of pig's blood, which they empty over Carrie to conjure up the shower disaster again. The maximum revenge of Chris for a couple of detentions of the sports teacher follows the maximum revenge of Carrie. By thought force she closes the windows and doors of the ballroom and kills everyone present with electric shocks or just like that. Bloodied, she returns to her mother, who stabbed her in the back after a hug. Carrie telekinetically rest her heart. Susan hugs the dying Carrie. Interrogation follows. Out. Dates: until 15 July

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