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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, the hosts of the CMA Awards, are not mutually ill despite their own marriage

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have done everything together.

Now the country superstars are preparing to host their eleventh consecutive CMA Awards on Wednesday – saying they're still not fed up, thanks to a trick they've learned from their own marriage.

"We spend a lot of time together," says Underwood, 35, to PEOPLE. "I think that's important for any" marriage "or" work. "I have to spend some time apart."

Paisley, 46, agrees and adds, "In every one of our marriages, it is so. [We spend] a lot of time because of separate careers and such. "

"But no, that's a great thing," he continues. "The chemistry we have there … I think you can take that for granted, but it's really rare."

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Paisley is married to According to Jim alum Kimberly Williams-Paisley and has two sons – William, 11, and Jasper, 9. Underwood is married to professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher and has a 3-year-old son, Isaiah.

Hosting this year will be one little It's different for the "Cry Pretty" singer, because she is pregnant with her second child and even tells how Paisley reacts to her growing belly.

"When I saw Brad, after I had not seen him a bit and I somehow slammed, I went through the door and he said," Holy cow! "Underwood says.

"Bad choice of words," she continues. "It's different, it's mostly a wardrobe thing, and I'm not moving as fast as I want, there are many quick changes going from one stage to the other."

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While Paisley says that he absolutely expects Underwood to be in a "robe and sweat" before the end of the show, Underwood says she chooses a lot of spandex.

"It's amazing because most designers do not do maternity wear," she says. "So I push myself into things that should not go on [my] but I am sorry if I return them and they are all stretched out. I'm sorry, designer. We're taking off a lot of archive stuff they do not need anymore, and I have no idea what we'll do with it. We do not force anything – except this zipper. "

When it comes to Paisley's outfits for the show, Underwood says she did not manage to put him on a romper suit.

"We'll see," says Paisley. "In a manly way, we've been shooting this corner for a while, trying things out. But now it's almost as if people just gave up. It's just flat brims and skinny jeans and whatever. You know what I mean?"

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley

John Shearer / Wire Picture

Aside from planning her wardrobe selection, Underwood – who has been nominated for two CMA awards, including Singer of the Year – says Paisley has made the bulk of the writing for her jokes.

"He'll do his thing and I'll adjust something here or there," she says. "But he writes so much."

"In July, I feel like I'm starting to open my eyes and ears to what's going on specifically for CMA purposes in the universe," she continues. "Many of them will fall by the wayside because nobody talks about it anymore. Everyone goes to the new thing, the next, but it's always good to keep your eyes and ears open. "

Paisley even revealed that Underwood was one of the people involved in the drama when Cardi B tried to fight Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week party – and she wrote a text message about it.

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"I was like" There was a fight! Let's go into that, "says Underwood. "Try to apply it. I do not think it will find its way into CMAs, but you never know.

Paisley wants something like the famous # WhoBitBeyoncé debacle before the show airs.

"All spring you think," No, do it in the fall. Bite Beyoncé in the fall, "he says, while Underwood adds," Bite famous people in the fall, folks, c'mon! "

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While many of the duo's plans for the show are kept under wraps, one thing is for sure: Underwood looks forward to spending some time with the family afterwards.

"I've done so much album promo and stuff and it's been great," she says. "But it will be nice to have that last big shebang and then take a breather. Take a minute, enjoy some holidays, enjoy your family and it will be good to be ready for a minute. "

When Showtime arrives on Wednesday night, Paisley wants the fans to be ready for material that is "100 percent fun".

"I think that's an important thing now," he says. "The elections are over. We are all looking for something where we can listen to music and feel good. "

The 52nd annual CMA Awards will be sent out from Nashville at 8pm on Wednesday, November 14th. EST on ABC. PeopleTV, the publisher-sponsored OTT streaming service from PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, will be broadcast live from 5:30 pm on the eve show "PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Red Carpet Live: CMA Awards" at the Country Music Association Awards. ET / 2:30 pm PT. The show will be packed before the ceremony starts at 8pm. ET.



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