Cartabia at work on prisons: ‘alternative penalties under 4 years’ – Chronicle

“The implementation of the delegation for the criminal trial, the legislative decrees of which are being drawn up and will be brought to the Council of Ministers shortly, has an important part concerning the alternative sentences of short prison sentences of up to 4 years”: in place of prison, semi-release, home detention, public utility work and a fine.

The Minister of Justice said so Marta Cartabiaanswering the question time to a question on prison overcrowding by Lucia Annibali, group leader in the Justice Commission at the Chamber of Italia Viva.

Given that sentences of up to 4 years “affect about 30% of the prison population”, the impact of these measures “can be very significant,” Cartabia noted.

The alternative sentences to short prison sentences could give relief to overcrowding, the minister said, as well as other interventions foreseen in the implementation of the delegation, including the extension of the non-punishment due to the particular tenuousness of the fact and suspension of the proceedings with probation.

To underline the “concreteness” of these interventions is a fact: the people who are in external execution measures “far exceed” the number of prisoners. “We are almost 74 thousand against 54 thousand and for this reason the hiring of 1092 units and 11 managers has been authorized for the Uepes”, observed Cartabia. Responding to a solicitation contained in the question, the minister also referred to the early release: “it is being discussed to evaluate whether to raise the deduction of the sentence, in particular for the two years of the pandemic. In fact, in these two years the prison has been tougher and more afflictive, and rightly so is being discussed”.

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