Cartagena Councilman Threats: Councilman Javier Bejarano denounced that they are planning an attack against him | Cartagena

Through their social media officers Councilor Javier Julio Bejarano He denounced that they are planning an attack against him due to the exercise of political control that he carries out in the corporation on a daily basis.

“Today, May 17, I approached the Council, I was active last week in the political movement Mais and I couldn’t be present. Today I received the news that the issue of the attack against a councilor is presumably directed at me, This is the product of my exercise of political control,” he asserted.

The lobbyist announced that the Cartagena Metropolitan Police already aware of the situation through the Brigadier General, Nicolás Zapata, who held a meeting at the town hall.

“I want to leave the alert to the citizens and the authorities. First, I will place all the complaints of rigor, and second, that all this is due to my exercise of political control. My life is in danger again today,” he added.