Cartagena health centers works restart: 4 of the 5 health centers where works will be restarted do not have licenses | Cartagena

From the next week the procedures for reactivate the works in five of the 19 health centers that have been unfinished since 2017 in Cartagena, as announced by the Comptroller General of the Republic, Carlos Felipe Córdoba and the alcalde, William Dau Chamat, at the end of the technical table, in which the Secretary of Infrastructure, Luis Villadiego; the director of DADIS, Johana Bueno; contractors and auditing of contracts.

However, it was learned that four of the five health centers where these works will be restarted do not have construction licenses, such is the case of El Pozón, Barú, Bayunca and CanapoteIn other words, the only one that has a license is the UPA of the Daniel Lemaitre neighborhood.

“Once the technical supports for these projects are adjusted, we will start gradually, in the case of UPA Daniel Lemaitre, already has a construction license, once the resources are reincorporated and the budget availability we will start with the works. In the case of El Pozón, Barú, Bayunca and Canapote, we hope that the construction licenses will be issued, which have been in place for more than 30 days. and they will be able, later, to restart these works once we complete these processes ”, assured the secretary of Infraestructora, Luis Villadiego.

These five healthcare centers are prioritized in the first of the three phases contemplated in the work schedule, and they have the resources for its completion, thanks to a $ 21 billion reinstatement approved by the District Council.

About the others six unfinished health centers that correspond to the second prioritization phase (Bocachica, Punta Canoa, Puerto Rey, Punta Arena, Los Cerros and Arroyo de las Canoas), and that will be financed with resources from the National Pension Fund of Territorial Entities (Fonpet), Mayor Dau explained that he will meet next week with the Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepo, so that these works can also be reactivated in the shortest possible time.

Phase 1

CAP Bayunca

Progress percentage 98%.

Beneficiary population: 14,398 inhabitants

CAP Barú

Percentage of progress: 40%.

Beneficiary population: 18,000 inhabitants

El Pozón Hospital

Percentage of progress 47%.

Beneficiary population: 44,911 inhabitants.

Canapote Hospital

Percentage of progress 47%.

Beneficiary population: 15,019 inhabitants.

UPA Daniel Lemaitre

Percentage of completion: 55%

Phase 2

In the second, they are projects that will be financed with Fonpet resources.

CAP Bocachica

CAP los Cerros

UPA Arroyo de las Canoas

UPA Punta Canoa

UPA Punta Arena

UPA Puerto Rey

Phase 3

It will be the works that have not started