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Cartier uses Coulibaly to get to know his face and confirms: wasting time is not the style of Ahli

Patrice Cartieron, coach of Al Ahly, spoke of the match against Guinea-Bissau's Conakry in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahli is preparing to face Guinean in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, which is set for Friday at 6 pm Cairo time.

"Red is not his style of wasting time in the official games, and this style is far from the way we played," Cartieron said at the press conference before the game.

He stressed that he traveled to Guinea to achieve a positive result to help the team, and facilitate his mission in the return game to be held in Egypt on 22 of this month.

He praised the reception of the Guinean people, stressing that the security has been in constant contact with the team since the arrival of the mission to Conakry.

Al-Ahli defender Salif Coulibaly, who had previously faced a team during his time with Mazembe before moving to Red Bull, told him that the team had a distinct group of players and identified some of the players currently in the squad, such as 9 and 27.

"Ahli has a large group of players who have been involved in African tournaments for years and have the experience to deal with the difficulties they face, especially in the event of rain or public presence and poor ground."

He continued: "The team participates in more than one championship at a time, and that he is required to win and to be in first place in every championship, which is normal given the status of Ahli."

"The Guinean team qualified for the quarterfinals of the African Championship, which is worthy of respect, and includes a distinguished group of players like Daouda and Camara, who are playing on the left and right sides," said Al Ahli coach.

"He has played in a collective way, and I have noticed through his matches that he can return if he is late for one or more goals, which is what happened during the matches he played.

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