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Cary Fukunaga co-writing pilot based on Joe Dante's The Explorers

Cary Fukunaga explores the possibility of putting an underrated Joe Dante classic on the small screen.

The True detective Auteur collaborates with director David Lowery to adapt to the 1985s discoverer in a pilot project for Paramount Television. The duo will collaborate on the script, which is expected to do one or the other directorial work. The scriptwriter of the original film, Erik Luke, is also on board as a producer deadline,

The original film was Dante's first project following the resounding success of 1984 Gremlins, discoverer The box office did not burn – it broke just under $ 10 million during movie production, but was enthusiastically received by those did by chance, thanks to Dante's typical gonzo direction and a brilliant cast which included the youth Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix (both of whom had their big movie debuts in the film).

It may take a while for the project to be realized, as Fukunaga and Lowery are both extremely busy right now. Lowery just came aboard the A24 production The green knight as director and Fukunaga – who recently directed the first season of Maniac for Netflix – has committed to take over the previously unnamed 25th installment of the James Bond franchise.

In Dante's movie, a science fiction-obsessed boy is plagued by recurring dreams that involve an apparent plan. He asks for the help of a local inventor and another young friend, and the trio manages to build a working spaceship – resulting in an encounter with aliens whose knowledge of the earth comes mainly from pop culture. deadline notes that the fight to build the ship and make the lift off is likely to be the main thrust of the proposed series, which promises a slightly less crazy tone than the movie.

And if so, then fans of Dante's work would do well discovererwhich was torpedoed at the box office in large part because the cultural milestone was that Live Help Charity concert took place on the same weekend it was released. Similar in tone, but much less dark than GremlinsThe Stripe is an excellent example of the director's 80s, which combined slapstick, satirical comedy with sci-fi and horror in a way few filmmakers could ever replicate.

discoverer There is no series order yet, let alone a release date, but Paramount, who distributed the original movie, seems to be high on the project. The involvement of top shelf talents such as Fukunaga and Lowery is a good sign of the potential series, which wants to score with both fans of the '80s science fiction scene as well as the sweet spot and Consumers of quality television.

We will have more details as they become available, but for the moment you should probably get upset – and you should definitely watch Dante's movie, the makeup effects of the always excellent Rob Bottin (The thing) and is a really fun ride. Not quite as funny as launching in a newly allocated Tilt-A-Whirl car into space, but … almost.


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