Cases in June 2022 at case number XY unresolved today

A murder, life-threatening injuries, a missing person and fraud: “Aktenzeichen XY” is about new crimes in June 2022. Here is an overview of all cases.

Your help is needed again: On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 8:15 p.m., moderator Rudi Cerne will go to the ZDF together with the police track down previously unsolved cases. Can viewers help solve the cases as witnesses?

Overall there is in the June episode of “Case number XY…unsolved” to see four film cases, two studio cases and two solved cases. In addition, another candidate for the “XY Prize – Together Against Crime” is presented.

“Aktenzeichen XY”: Cases today on June 1, 2022

Fall 1 (detective HannoverJuly 5, 2021): who has Dirk Schleicher (54) killed with a knife?

Dirk Schleicher had been living on the streets as a homeless person for many years. The man from Hanover was particularly well-known among the residents of the Eilenriese city park because he suffered from schizophrenia and often screamed at night. Dirk Schleicher rejected the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

At 11 p.m. on the night of the crime, a local resident brought him soup to his park bench, which was located at the entrance to Eilenriede. A short time later, after he had gone to sleep, he was attacked from behind with a knife. The perpetrator stabbed his neck, throat and upper body. At around 6 a.m., two passers-by finally discovered his body. The murder weapon could not be found.

Video: dpa

The Hanover Kripo is asking for your help: was anyone able to make observations on the night of July 6, 2021? Are there any indications as to where Dirk Schleicher was during the day on July 5 shortly before his death? Who was he in contact with? Information that contributes to the clarification will be rewarded with 5000 euros.

Fall 2 (detective KölnJuly 9, 2021): Who threw the stone from this bridge?

A couple was driving to a furniture store on Friday afternoon. On their journey, they passed a motorway bridge at Brühl. As the 52-year-old driver and his 57-year-old passenger drove under the bridge, an 850-gram stone suddenly slammed through the car’s windshield from above. The rock caught the woman’s head. She suffered a bruise and abrasions.

The Kripo Köln assumes that more than one person was involved in the attack and is investigating an attempted homicide. A witness is said to have seen three or four people on the bridge. One of these people is said to be between 17 and 30 years old, of slight build and carrying a dark wheel. Are there other witnesses who saw people on the bridge around 3 p.m. on July 9, 2021? The public prosecutor’s office in Cologne has announced a reward of 3,000 euros.

Fall 3 (detective Homberg/Efze, January 14, 2019): What happened to Bisrat Tewelde Habtu (20) and baby?

Bisrat Tewelde Habtu is 20 years old. Together with her partner and their baby, she lived in accommodation for refugees in Homberg/Efze. The couple is originally from Eritrea. A few weeks after the birth of their son Mekson, an acquaintance of the couple suggested he might be the baby’s father. After disagreements in the couple’s relationship, the young woman agreed for the men to undergo a paternity test.

Bisrat then made his way to Kassel on the afternoon of January 14, 2019, which she only told an acquaintance. Between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., the acquaintance accompanied the woman to Wabern train station and helped her get the dark stroller onto the train. So far, this is the last sign of life from Bisrat and her child. The two have not returned from Kassel. The responsible police immediately assumed a crime and made this public, whereupon witnesses came forward. To this day there is still no trace.

Did anyone among the “XY” viewers see the young woman and her child after she disappeared in January 2019? What did Bisrat want in Kassel?

Fall 4 (detective Braunschweig – Prevention film): Worthless shares! How false advisors lure victims!

A handyman is called by an alleged investment advisor. The consultant tries to convince the craftsman to buy shares in a successful international company from the virtual reality sector. For corresponding profits, the man should initially invest 10,000 euros.

He decides to make an investment. At first the interest is a long time coming, but then he receives the promised amount. The police speak of a snowball system. The man receives new offers from his advisor and then continues to invest money.

When he announces that he wants to renovate his house and the fleet of vehicles in his company, he is offered the opportunity to sell his shares after investing again. But when he exhausted his company’s entire credit limit, it was no longer possible for him to reach the responsible consultant. He was cheated and lost about 190,000 euros in the process.

With “Aktenzeichen XY…unsolved” the police would like to draw attention to the scam with which the perpetrators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland haul tens of millions out of the victims’ pockets every year.


“Aktenzeichen XY…unsolved”: There are also studio cases again

Studiofall 1 (LKA Berlin): Murder an Oskana Romberg

In Berlin-Charlotten, 50-year-old Oskana Romberg ran a successful beauty salon. But on April 1, 2021, around 3 p.m., her body was found in her apartment on Kudamm. Shortly before, a suspicious person was noticed on a surveillance camera in the inner courtyard, who, however, cannot be identified. Information that helps to solve the murder will be rewarded with 5000 euros.

Studiofall 2 (police Butzbach/ PP Mittelhessen): Camper scammers

A man rents an RV in early January 2022. He shows his ID and leaves a deposit of over 2500 euros. He drives away in the mobile home, which is worth over 50,000 euros. Since then the man has never been reached. A national gang is probably behind it.

The mobile home was found in the Netherlands. The dealer from Germany, who unknowingly bought the motorhome from the fraudster, has to bear the entire damage of over 50,000 euros.

“XY-solved”: These cases could be uncovered

On June 1, 2022, there are two cases on “Aktenzeichen XY” that could be solved with the help of “XY” viewers and more in-depth investigations:

“XY solved” case 1: detective Fuerth

A 38-year-old man was attacked by two men in the south of Fürth in mid-September 2020 and brutally beaten down. He had to have multiple surgeries. Thanks to the support of the “XY” viewers, the two perpetrators were identified.

“XY solved” case 2: detective Siegburg

The Kripo Siegburg dealt with a brutal robbery in which a watch dealer was threatened and which was ultimately successfully uncovered. Special units searched eight apartments in Cologne and in the Düren district. A total of six suspects were found: one woman and five men.

Moderator Rudi Cerne presents another candidate for the “XY Prize”.

In 2022, the “XY Prize – Together Against Crime” will be distributed for the 21st time. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser will be the patron this year. Rudi Cerne says the prize should be given to a person who has bravely fought a crime in the past and helped others in dangerous situations.

ZDF moderator Rudi Cerne in the studio of “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved”.

Photo: Sina Schuldt/dpa

The second candidate for the “XY Prize” 2022 will be presented in the program on June 1st. It is the 56-year-old Thomas Weis from Rüdesheim. He rescued two women who were attacked in their own car by a man with a knife and critically injured. He himself suffered a couple of bruises in the act. Without his help, one of the two women would probably have died in the knife attack.

“Aktenzeichen XY”: These are the broadcast dates

Im ZDF runs once a month, always on a Wednesday at prime time “Aktenzeichen XY…unsolved”. The air date for the next episode is as follows:

  • Episode 579: June 1, 2022 at 8:15 p.m

When episode 580 in July 2022 in ZDF will be seen is not yet known.

Transmission and repetition of “Aktenzeichen XY… unsolved” in ZDF

In free TV, “Aktenzeichen XY” is always available from the public broadcaster ZDF to see. If you prefer to watch the show online, you can use the free live stream or the streaming platform’s free offer Joyn to use.

The repetition of “Aktenzeichen XY…unsolved” runs in the night from 01.06. on 02.06.2022 at 11.15 p.m ZDFneo.