Casey Hudson again hints at new Mass Effect, showing four new trilogy art


Over the past year and a half Bioware Casey Hudson has hinted more than once that the new Mass effect sooner or later will appear – perhaps the game is already in development. At least at an early stage.

Yesterday, November 7, there was a kind of franchise holiday – the so-called Day n7. In his honor hudson showed four previously unpublished concepts of the original trilogy with the following words.

Happy Day N7! We thought a lot about what we had already done in the Mass Effect universe, and where we will go in the future. We have a lot of ideas for the franchise – so many concepts have not yet been implemented, so many stories have not yet been told.

Casey hudson

Earlier, EA confirmed that formally announced Dragon age 4 will appear no earlier than April 2022, so the new Mass Effect is definitely not worth expecting before.


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