Cash giants get to know the top 10 companies with cash in the world


In a report on Friday, CNBC monitored a list of the top 10 companies with cash at present, without putting the value of property and construction in this category..

Topping the list was Microsoft with the largest amount of liquid funds estimated at $ 136.6 billion as of the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year..

Next up was Berkshire Hathaway, a major company that operates subsidiaries with different specialties, including railway and electrical equipment, petroleum refining and others, with $ 128.2 billion..

In third place came a company alphabet The owner of the famous search engine Google at about 121.2 billion and Apple American 100.6 billion dollars.

Facebook, Amazon, Ford, Oracle, Cisco and Bristol-Myers are all in the top ten, according to the CNBC report. These figures include the company's cash balance as well as other investments such as bonds..

Companies spend their money in traditional ways, such as capital investments or acquisitions of other entities as well..

Christopher Eberle, Nomura's economic analyst, told Al Shabaka CNBC He believes that acquisitions are a priority for companies as they contribute to the expansion of companies and maintain growth plans.

Ford, Cisco, Bristol-Myers, Oracle, Microsoft and Apple are paying dividends to shareholders. All 10 companies, except Amazon, have repurchased shares this year. But some analysts say this is not enough and is not a way of cashing out.

Apple has faced much controversy over its cash balance, rising to $ 205.9 billion after spending $ 18 billion on repurchases and $ 2.5 billion in the fourth quarter alone..

It is also important to note that looking at cash balances per se does not always tell the whole story. It is worth mentioning that monitoring the balances of companies does not always reveal the reality of the situation..



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