Casino robbers threatened to harm the employee’s brother

The robbers who struck their blow at the Pierre de Jonge casino on Havermarkt in Breda at the beginning of this month threatened to harm the brother of a casino employee if she did not cooperate. One of the robbers showed images of an accomplice standing at her brother’s house.

The 27-year-old employee must have been terrified. The police shared details about the case in Opsporing Verzoeken on Tuesday evening. In the early morning of Sunday, November 6, the woman was met by one of the perpetrators at her car in the De Prins parking garage on the Middellaan. She was forced to sit in her car next to the robber as he drove to Gravenstraat in the center of Breda.

From there, the woman had to walk to the casino on Havermarkt, about five minutes’ walk away. She was ordered by the robber to fill a rose gold trolley with money from the safe. Otherwise his accomplice would hurt her little brother. In the meantime, the waiting perpetrator was hanging around at a terrace on the Haven in Breda.

Robbers well prepared
It is clear that the perpetrators have prepared their robbery down to the last detail. “The woman they attacked has access to the safe room and security codes of the casino. In addition, the men knew where she had parked her car and where her brother lives,” the police said.

Nightmare not over yet
After the casino employee filled the suitcase with money, they walked back to her car together. But the nightmare wasn’t over yet. She was ordered by the robbers to sit in the car for fifteen minutes. “At that time she was not allowed to go anywhere or hire anyone, still under threat of violence against her brother.”

In addition to the woman being extorted to give money from the casino, her own bags were also taken. The robber eventually made off with the full suitcase. “It was visibly heavy, because it contained many coins in addition to paper money,” the police said.

Bald man in bath slippers
It is still unclear who the perpetrators are. They spoke among themselves “in a language unknown to the victim”, the police said.

The perpetrator who threatened the employee spoke English and Dutch with a foreign accent. He was wearing a North Face jacket and Nike track pants and cap. Both robbers made it clear that they had a firearm with them.

Police are also looking for a specific passerby who may be a key witness. “It is about a bald, glasses-wearing man who walked on Gravenstraat in bath slippers. Are you or do you know who this man may be, please let us know,” the police call.