Castelnaudary. Laura Daubin, Kobido method facialist

the essential
This specialist in an ancestral Japanese art of facial massage offers an enchanting parenthesis to her clients.

To maintain the muscles of your body, you move, you run, you swim and you get a massage. Strangely, there is a part of the body that is often forgotten in this protocol: the face! Yet equipped with muscles in all directions, we often tend to cover it only with a few creams and lotions, without thinking that a good massage well executed could be of the most benefit to it.

It was by discovering the list of ingredients “not recommended for pregnant women” that Laura Daubin decided to seriously look into a more natural way of maintaining her skin as a future mother, and that she discovered the techniques of an art ancestral Japanese facial massage: the Kobido. The multiple techniques allowing the realization of this massage are transmitted from master to student for 26 generations. Today, Kobido massage is taught by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki. Only a few chosen ones are called upon to receive this very demanding apprenticeship, including five in France who, since their training with the master, have in turn transmitted this natural massage-lifting. For Laura, this technique quickly became obvious: “For many years, I recommended creams and treatments of all kinds, and I really believed in them! Today, I remind my clients that a face cream is fat and water: an essential oil and floral water can therefore suffice!If the creams do not cross the skin barrier, the Kobido massage allows you to work the facial muscles in depth: if you do they don’t work, they sag!These sessions are also an enchanted parenthesis for the clients and a real recognition when they leave saying “I feel so good”, and suddenly me too!

To discover this famous “ancient way of beauty”, in Japanese in the text, go and meet Laura!