castle life for Anglet, qualified for the Final Four and the N1

A feat to be credited to an iron defense and constant combativeness to definitively ward off the threat of ECLV78: “It’s crazy and it’s strong to win our place in N1F after such a fight. We have shown that we never give up and that we have an iron mind. The solidarity of the group is the first asset and it is what has allowed us to be there today”, underlined Cyriane Glère.

Head to the Final Four

And it’s not over, since this first place in the group ahead of Bordeaux Ambitions allows them to play for the title of N2F champion, next weekend, during a Final Four which will bring together the Girondines and the two Ile-de-France clubs (Orly and Stade Français) in Vineuil (Loir-et-Cher). The last meeting for Mathilde Roche, Léonore Duchez and Maryne Reolid will wait, but these three were in tears on Saturday evening in the Yvelines, aware of having written an important page in the history of the club.

To achieve this jubilation, the Basques had to win a first final against Trégueux (68-63) last week. Then draw on their resources to win a second final, quits or doubles, against Le Chesnay / Versailles, deprived of accession on the gong.

“An incredible finale”

As expected, the duel was bitter, tense and breathless until the end. If there was a lot of waste on both sides, Le Chesnay/Versailles thought they were coping rather well with the weight of the challenge and the electric atmosphere (19-14, 14th). If the first period turned to the advantage of the locals, the troop of Baptiste Ibarlosa increased the volume during a pivotal 3rd quarter.

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It was the moment chosen to tighten the screw defensively and above all to draw a few saving three-point baskets, in order to achieve a highlight of more than five minutes, punctuated by a 10-0 (24-23, 22nd ; 24-33, 27e). From then on, the ACBB kept a step ahead and maintained a leading pace (30-36, 30th). But until the end, the threat of the Ile-de-France lurked and even when the Basques thought of digging their furrow at the end of the match, nothing was decided in advance (43-47, 38th).