Castlevania Boy Advance Collection looks very likely

Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Symmetry und Aria of Sorrow covern die Collagen.

picture: Konami / Kotaku

In the last week there were two entries for one. found Castlevania pre-collection In separate databases to classify games in the format Australia And the South Korea. This is of course quite upset, and I have to admit that I’m also cautiously optimistic that it will actually become something at some point.

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Although Konami has not yet confirmed these details – we contacted them and they did not understand the chatter –Castlevania pre-collection It appears to have been handled by M2, a studio that has worked with Konami on a similar project in the past Castlevania And the against Anniversary packages and is known for its commitment to precision in classic simulated collections. The Australian classification page indicates that Castlevania pre-collection It will be cross-platform, while South Korea (provided by regional publisher H2 Interactive) only mentions the PC version.

Castlevania Debut in Game Boy Advance with KCEK development from 2001 Mondkreis. The popular franchise soon spawned two more portable versions, the 2002 Eccentric Dissonance harmony and 2003 sad songWhich is the last of the best games in the Metroidvania franchise. The trio was eventually re-released separately on Wii U in 2014, but they’re still part of the few Castlevania Games that Konami has not ported or remastered for modern platforms.

Not only will the new, accessible collection be a big deal for fans of these excellent Game Boy Advance games, but it could also lead to a similar re-release of the Nintendo DS. Castlevania Triple. Imagine if you could play Dawn of sadnessAnd the Ruin picture, And the Church medal On the console that was released over the past decade. Castlevania It may have seen its ups and downs on home consoles, but the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS trips largely preserved the legacy of this popular franchise.

Konami, take a break from pumping up the soul-destroying pachinko machines to save us even more Dracula killing, even if it’s just a return to those old handheld adventures.

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