Castlings in Polsat. A new name will appear in “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. You already know them

Changes to “Your face sounds familiar” continued. A new name will appear on the show. His predecessor was on the show from the very beginning.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about big changes in Polsat . Well-known faces are disappearing from the viewers’ favorite programs – recently there was a lot of noise, among others about replacing Katarzyna Dowbor with Elżbieta Romanowska in “Our New Home”. What’s more, in the new schedule we may no longer see several titles, such as “Hell’s Kitchen”. However, this is not the end of these changes. There will be a new name in the “Your Face Sounds Familiar” crew.

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Changes to “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Another person joins the cast

The revolution did not pass your face sounds familiar “. Even before the previous season, she was released Katarzyna Skrzynecka , who sat on the jury almost from the very beginning of the program. In a show of loyalty to the actress, co-host Piotr Gąsowski left, and Maciej Rock took his place. Recently, there have also been speculations that Maciej Dowbor, who left the stage, will say goodbye to the show Polsat Superhit Festival greeted the recently dismissed mother.

However, the changes also reach people operating more behind the scenes of the program. A few weeks ago, it was announced that your face sounds familiar “The choreographer disappears Christopher “Kris” Adamski , who has been helping the contestants since the first season. It is already known who will take his place. According to the website Virtual Media in the next edition we will see Maciej Zakliczyński in this role.

Maciej Zakliczyński joins “Your face sounds familiar”. You already know him

Maciej Zakliczyński has been working with Polsat . Previously, we could see how he helps you learn the steps in “Dancing with the Stars”. However, he also works in many theaters both in Poland and abroad. He prepared the steps to over 40 plays.

,, Zakliczyński is a native of Gliwice, an honored graduate of the University of Silesia, cultural studies and theatrologist, a graduate of MBA and DBA postgraduate studies Art&Science Nowe Media w Biznesie, a researcher of body language and non-verbal communication, according to Wirtualne Media.

The choreographer will join the cast” your face sounds familiar ” already in the upcoming season. This one will appear only in autumn. As in the case of the previous edition, the station decided to announce the casting. A person from the street, previously unknown to the audience, will be able to take part in the program.

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2023-06-01 07:26:00