Castres. Peyton's cardiomyopathy turns their lives upside down


The bad news fell last September: Peyton Vasseur, 13 months old, suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy without any new etiology. A heart muscle disease, which can have serious consequences for Sylvette and Jérémy's baby. Since then, the daily life of this couple castrais has been packed. In the emergency, their lives have been turned upside down, to the point that they turn to crowdfunding and solidarity to consider getting closer to a specialized center, near Bordeaux, to treat their little girl.

"I can not admit that my little one-year-old has a tired heart," says her mother Sylvette. And the uncertainty about this disease. "At the birth of Peyton, there was nothing to predict such a situation. A few weeks ago, Peyton's big sister, Maëlys, 11, caught a cold and then had a fever. In the wake, Peyton also has a cold. "We saw our doctor the next day, a Wednesday, which did not detect anything, advising us to treat it with paracetamol." But in the evening the baby's condition worsened, Peyton's fever curled up. degrees, she no longer wanted to drink or eat. "So, I went to the emergency room," says Jeremy. The caregivers did not detect anything but kept her under observation for the night. She was infused to be hydrated. "

Sylvette took over from Dad. On Thursday morning, a pediatrician from the Pays d'Autan hospital examined Peyton; an ultrasound detected the problem. The girl had to be heliported to Purpan Children's Hospital in Toulouse. Six days in intensive care, both in intensive care.

"The little heart of Peyton"

The diagnosis of health professionals is clear, rather reassuring. There is no malformation, no virus, but the disease seems to have been present for some time already. Peyton's parents say, "Our child is going to have to go through an already heavy treatment all his life. The least energy costs him in fatigue, the least virus can be dangerous, it does not have enough appetite but it remains graceful! Our little girl is puny, she is 71 cm tall and weighs only 8 kg. "

The situation has led to travel and accommodation costs in Toulouse. To stay at the bedside of his child, Jeremy had to leave his work. The couple had to leave their castrais home to be hosted by friends. "Nothing is the same, everything becomes a problem. I find myself unemployed and Sylvette, a caregiver, is on parental leave. Apart from treatment, which will never cure it, there is no other way to treat our child than heart transplantation. There is a specialized center in cardiology in Bordeaux, the hospital Haut-Lévêque, so we save a single euro in the prospect of moving there. "

Hence the idea of ​​a prize pool online, a call for donations launched a few days ago on the site "The little heart of Peyton, we participate", (tel 07 70 64 37 28). Very quickly, about sixty supporters came forward. "It helps us a lot, morally too, and will allow us to better cope with Peyton in Bordeaux."


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