Cat killed and eaten on the street: why are we more sensitive to his death than that of a cow?

As everyone knows by now, an immigrant from the Ivory Coast has set up an artisan fal and roasted a cat on the public road, in Campiglia Marittima, in Tuscany. The news aroused many comments and a lot of bitterness. A barbaric gesture, many have said, and the interesting word, barbarians are the symbol of incivilt (even if not all of them were).

Killing cats in Italy is a crime, dogs and cats have the right to life according to law 281 of 1991, they can only be euthanized, by a veterinarian, in the case of incurable diseases that cause much suffering, in short for their own good. There is no law that explicitly prohibits food consumption dogs and cats, which Michela Brambilla is asking for, but given that these meats are not guaranteed or controlled from the hygienic-sanitary point of view, they are already illegal.

The man therefore – who attempted to defend himself by saying first that he did it because he was hungry and then stressing that the cat was already dead – been reported, on the loose.

But let’s get to the crucial point: the cat other than a pig or a cow? Well, yes. Of course from a moral point of view “All animals are equal”, in the sense that we have direct duties towards them, as Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, has written several times, the world “bible” of animalism for almost 50 years. But how to say that “all men are equal”, as stated in the Universal Declaration of 1948. A holy aspiration then it must be expressed in concrete reality, the state where you live and pay taxes, laws that differ from country to country, the duty to defend the homeland and much more.

The cat, like the dog, is part of the family and they all have different duties towards members of their families than those of others. And also from the point of view of the law, the pets have a different statute than that of “income” animalspoor them, or “hunted” animals, horrendous practices, but officially accepted by society. Cats, like dogs, are materialized love. They are parts of our heart and soul. They help us live. They are our guardian angels. And those who hurt them should be punished severely, as all animal rights associations are asking again.

July 2, 2020 (change July 2, 2020 | 3:18 PM)


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