Cata Pulido Shares Story of Failed Date with Famous Actor on Polished Tasting

Polished Tasting revealed a particular experience he had in the “We Can Talk” program It will air on June 2. According to the preview that TiempoX had access to, recounted the time he had a date with a famous national actor.

“I was single and I began to DJ with my ex-husband, where he was doing the TV series ‘Playa salvaje’, and an actress called Silvia Novak me dice: ‘I have a friend who is crazy about you’“, began.

“And I decide to go out with him, since this lady inflated me so much, that I say yes,” he continued. However, things did not turn out the way Cata Pulido wanted.

“He went to look for me in his royal car, where he opens the door for me, very gentleman, there were already more than 20 years apart, where he was very late and we went to a restaurant”, revealed the actress.

The failed appointment of Cata Pulido

“He talked to me about his life and his achievements, he was very self-centered and narcissistic. I was super late so I went to the bathroom to call my best friend to tell her that she sent me a message so I could leave.”, said Cata Pulido.

So I went back, read him the message, and stood him up. Then I would find him in the canal buildings and I would hide”, he concluded.

2023-06-02 20:23:15

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