Business "Catalans cannot bear more fiscal pressure"

"Catalans cannot bear more fiscal pressure"


The president of the employer, Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez book, has made a sharp criticism of the Government's tax policy on Monday, which he has described as confiscatory. Sánchez Llibre was very forceful in his speech to the general assembly of employers: "Enough to raise taxes on Catalans, enough to raise taxes on companies and freelancers in Catalonia".

The former union politician, who has been chairing the Foment del Treball for a year, has addressed himself "in a very forceful and very strong manner, without ambiguity, but also within respect and cordiality," he said. Pere Aragonès, Vice President and Minister of Economy, urging that taxes not be raised and that to increase collection "expand the base for combating tax fraud" and "demand more resources in the State" with "a new system financing or other types of agreements. " According to Foment, lowering the submerged economy from 25% of GDP to 15% could raise € 40 billion more to the state.

In front of the entrepreneurs of Foment, Sánchez Llibre wanted to exemplify this fiscal pressure in Catalonia with a comparison with Madrid, which is the community with the GDP more comparable to Catalan. "Catalans pay 10.3% more personal income tax than a citizen of Madrid," he said, and has followed with other examples, such as that Catalans pay property tax and the people of Madrid do not, and that between income and equity those Catalans pay 40% more than Madrilenians. Other examples he has mentioned are that in Catalonia 66% more is paid than in Madrid for capital transmissions, or that in Catalonia it is paid by successions and donations and in Madrid not, and by documented legal acts in Catalonia 233% more than paid in Madrid.

To these differences, Sánchez Llibre argues, must be added the taxes provided for in the preliminary draft of the Government's budgets, such as for tourist establishments, which will increase the tax on empty homes to 55%. , the sugary drinks tax, which will go up by 25%, the emissions tax from CO2 or the new motor-vehicle tax.

"The tax pressure on us will be unbearable," says the President of Foment, who believes that this situation will stifle citizens and businesses, the self-employed and the productive economy. "We ask the Government of the Generalitat, its Minister of Economy and the parliamentary groups to correct this confiscatory approach," Sánchez Llibre demanded.

In the same vein, the presiding employer has requested not to apply the increase in income tax agreed between the Government and the commons to incomes exceeding 90,000 euros per year because this new regional scale of the tax "causes an increase in burden". tax on the middle class. " Fomento takes this consideration into a particular vote in the opinion that has been prepared by the Labor, Economic and Social Council of Catalonia (CTESC) in relation to the draft law on fiscal and financial measures for 2020, that is, with the called the law accompanying the budgets of this year.

In addition, the President of Public Works said that while citizens were asked for this effort, they did not see a containment of public spending. In this sense, the President of Public Works has asked to analyze if the Catalan public administrations need to be seriously restructured and see if they are oversized, and if they are "acting accordingly".

The president of the employer also fears that the new coalition government in Spain of PSOE and Podemos will increase taxes and repeal aspects of the labor reform that the PP did "which had done so well to overcome the recent crisis". However, he praised the state's government, but requested that Pedro Sánchez's executive seek consensus with social workers in the areas of labor, economics, taxation and pensions. He has also called for the new Spanish government to make structural reforms for the productive economy with special reference to energy transition and digitalization.

State-Generalitat Dialogue

The President of Foment del Treball emphasized one of the main challenges of the new Spanish government is the institutional dialogue between Spain and Catalonia, "which is" a way to identify, guide and solve political problems ".

Sánchez Llibre said he hopes the dialogue will ease the tension and will introduce a return to normal. "The highest consensus will need to be established in the Parliament of Catalonia and the Congress of Deputies so that the fruits of this dialogue can be shared by society as politically as possible," he said.

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