Catalans demand freedom for political prisoners


Sovereignty in Catalonia has once again mobilized in a transversal, massive and peaceful way against the repression of the Spanish State. Recalling the sixth month of incarceration of social leaders, hundreds of thousands of people have demanded their freedom. The sovereignty, united in a space in favor of democracy and coexistence, has been in solidarity with the politicians and social leaders imprisoned in Spain and exiled. In unison he has demanded his freedom and his return.
The particularity of this mobilization has been the transversality and participation of the main unions to demonstrate the majority clamor of Catalan society in favor of dialogue and against repression.
The sovereignist parties, in all their amplitude, have attended the demonstration, with different visions but the common motto against the regression of basic rights.
For now, neither the pressure of the street, nor the international setbacks to the euroordenes, seem to affect the Government of Mariano Rajoy, now ready to pursue the Catalan parliament’s complaint against Judge Pablo Llarena for prevarication.
While this is happening, the independence movement continues to explore how to form a government despite judicial interference, with the deadline of May 22, before new elections are automatically convened.
Oriol Puig, Barcelona.
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