Catalonia governor says farewell to Messi (already)

Thunderbolt in the microcosm of football. Leo messi would have indicated to FC Barcelona that he wants to leave Barça.

Many supporters roam the streets of Barcelona and demand the departure of Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president of the Blaugrana club.

The Governor of Catalonia Quim Torra was quick to react, he even did it a little too quickly.

Through a tweet, Torra was keen to salute Messi for all he has accomplished with Barca.

“Catalonia will always be your home. thank you so much for all this time of happiness and good football. We had the chance to share a few years of our lives with the best player in the world. And a noble athlete. We will never forget you. Leo Messi, Saint George’s Cross ”He wrote. What if Messi stays?


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