Catalyst-based WhatsApp’s Mac and iPad app is back in the news

WhatsApp will improve on Mac with a new version of its application which is based on Catalyst, which will allow the passage to have a version for the iPad.

WhatsApp with Catalys is still in development

It is already possible to download the WhatsApp application on Mac, but it is based on Electron. This is a framework that makes it “easy” to create applications since they display Web pages. In other words, it’s not a native application that takes full advantage of macOS (or another operating system). This is felt in the performance which is less good and in certain specific uses.

Now WhatsApp is preparing an application using Catalyst. Apple offers Catalyst for developers to “easily” port their iPadOS apps to Mac. In this case, it will be about an application on macOS and on iPadOS. Will Cathcart, the boss of WhatsApp, has already said that it was in the cards.

Here is a first image of the Catalyst-based Mac application. The image is shared by WABetaInfo and ultimately does not show much, except the page that is displayed with a QR Code to connect to your account. It will be possible to link an iPhone or Android smartphone to the Mac application. In reality, a hypothesis circulates with the fact of being able to link an iPhone and a smartphone, and not only one of the two.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for the app. So be patient.