[Catching wild boars]AFCD went to Yau Ma Tei and Pokfulam Road to kill two wild boars after the Shum Wan Road operation on Sunday | Position Report | Position News

After the AFCD killed seven wild boars on Shum Wan Road in Aberdeen on November 17, the operation was not stopped. The department confirmed that on November 21, after receiving a referral from the police, it moved on to Yau Ma Tei and Pokfulam Roads. , Each found a big wild boar, and then captured it and destroyed it humanely. Since the new measures took effect, a total of nine wild boars that haunt the urban area have been hunted and killed by the Fisheries and Conservation Department.

When receiving an inquiry from Position News, the AFCD confirmed that after the announcement of the new measures on November 12, a large-scale capture operation was arranged on Shum Wan Road on November 17. The police referred that wild boars had broken into the cargo handling area in Yau Ma Tei and a petrol station on Pok Fu Lam Road. The department sent officers to the scene and found a large wild boar in each of the two locations. The spokesman said that considering that wild boars may be dangerous to the public in the above-mentioned urban environment, they were captured and humanely destroyed.

The Fisheries and Conservation Department stated that it will give priority to black spots where there are a large number of wild boars, wild boars have injured people or pose a danger to the public. The AFCD will regularly capture wild boars in these black spots and treat them humanely, so as to reduce the safety and health risks and nuisances of wild boars to the public as soon as possible.

The Fisheries and Conservation Department moved on November 17 to lure wild boars in Shum Wan Road with food, then shoot them with anesthesia guns and then inject drugs to destroy them humanely. The killing action has aroused criticism from the animal protection community.