Tesla, Volvo, Ford and Mercedes-Benz are suing Trump

Car manufacturers Tesla, Volvo, Ford and Mercedes-Benz sue the administration of US President Donald Trump, informs AFP. Elon Musk’s Tesla announced that they have filed a lawsuit withagainst the “illegal” duties imposed on certain parts imported from China. The lawsuit, filed in New York this week, targets US Trade Representative Robert Leitheimer’s 25% duty on […]

We already make Starbucks coffee at home

Fans of Starbucks coffee can now enjoy it at home thanks to the chain’s partnership with Nestle. As part of it, Nestle Bulgaria began to offer the product series of coffee for home and on our market. It includes coffee beans, ground coffee, as well as capsules for coffee machines “Nespresso” and “Nescafe dolce gusto”. […]

Musk promised cheap “Tesla” up to 3 years (Review)

Musk talks about his company’s plans. PHOTO: Reuters Tesla founder Elon Musk has unveiled a new technology that will make electric car batteries cheaper and more powerful, the BBC reported. During a live presentation called “battery day”, the billionaire revealed that within 3 years it is possible to have a fully autonomous “Tesla” for 25,000 […]

Tesla Model 3 crashes in automatic braking test (VIDEO)

Tesla Model 3 ran over a “pedestrian” during a demonstration test of the automatic emergency stop system in China. Video from the test shows how the American electric car hit a walking mannequin, which burst into pieces. Clip from China of a $TSLA Model 3, evidently equipped with the latest and greatest safety technology. My […]

The coupe Renault is coming to Europe

The new Renault Arkana challenges the SUV market in Europe, with a design typical of premium cars. For the first time at a mass producer! This new offering, which complements Renault’s compact range (Megane and Kadjar), is part of the fast-growing SUV market worldwide. The interior of the European Renault Arkana is also aimed at […]

AMD and Intel have received licenses and continue deliveries to Huawei

Huawei Technologies will continue to work with suppliers who can and are willing to remain partners of the Chinese company, which is currently “fighting for survival,” Guo Ping, the current chairman of the technology giant, was quoted as saying by Nikkei on Wednesday. “Huawei is in a difficult situation. The constant aggression by the US […]

Tesla for $ 25,000 on the market for up to 3 years – Curious

The American company Tesla intends to produce new batteries for your cars with electric motors, they will be much more powerful than modern counterparts. This was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at a presentation posted on the company’s website. According to Musk the new devices will significantly increase the distance that cars can travel […]

Carvana’s owners became $ 5 billion richer in one day

The American company Carvana, which trades in used cars, has not yet published its quarterly results. Despite the little information the company has shared in recent years, Ernie Garcia Sr. and his son Ernie Garcia Jr. have become some of the richest people in the United States. The father is the largest shareholder in the […]

Countries where a liter of gasoline or diesel costs less than 1 lev

The historic collapse of oil prices in the spring led to a significant reduction in fuel prices in various parts of the world, including Bulgaria. As of Sept. 22, U.S. crude oil, for example, is trading at about $ 39.6 a barrel. For comparison, a year earlier it sold for more than 57 dollars per […]

All 27 regional cities in Bulgaria already have 5G coverage

Vivacom has launched a 5G network in all 27 regional cities in Bulgaria, the mobile operator announced. It is built using the DSS method, which allows higher speeds and a larger number of devices connected simultaneously. The technology also allows users of 4G and 5G networks to use the same frequency, which will ensure a […]