Carlos Slim is one of the 10 richest in the world

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim fell to 12th place on the Forbes 2020 millionaires list, with a fortune of 52.1 billion...

Dax closes slightly in the minus

Dusseldorf The German stock market took a breather on Wednesday. The Dax closed slightly at 10,333 points, ending the trading day above the daily low of 10,198 points. Although the Dax could Key technical chart zone in the range of 10,391 counters rise, but he could not overcome them sustainably. Sustainable means: The Dax should at least be above this mark at the close,...

Full trains and festivals get tricky in a 1.5 meter society NOW

We better get used to a society in which you keep 1.5 meters away from others. In the near future, this will have far-reaching consequences for almost all layers of society. "You can put a normal summer out of your head." ...

Bankruptcy is bankruptcy is bankruptcy

Both rely on the greater involvement of the previous management and “differ in practice only in nuances,” says Pluta. "In both variants, the management remains in control, but is supported by restructuring experts and overseen by an administrator."The differences to the standard procedure are greater, in which a provisional insolvency administrator appointed by the court takes command. The creditors have a say in the...

The price of the dollar on Wednesday 8-4-2020

The price of the US dollar against the pound witnessed stability in the early morning dealings in Egyptian banks today, Wednesday, 4-4-2020, at the same levels as the past days.The price of the dollar had risen after the exit of part of the money of foreign investors investing in government debt instruments in Egypt, due to the fear of the spread of the new...
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Individual or collective, immunity will be the key to deconfinement

DECRYPTION - Recent studies tend to confirm the existence of acquired immunity against SARS-CoV-2.A photo taken in March 2020, in Paris, shows two women...

Climate on hold by corona | Inland

The National Program for Regional Energy Strategy (RES) announced this on Wednesday. It means that in each of the designated thirty regions, regional politicians...

Bernie Sanders clears the way for Joe Biden

The pandemic having paralyzed the primaries, the senator from Vermont announced that he was suspending his campaign on Wednesday April 8. As the Boston...

Ferry passengers with coronavirus cases jump overboard in Indonesia

Several passengers from aferry in which at least three cases of coronavirus were detectedon board havejumped into the water this Wednesday when he couldn't...

Summer festivals expectantly

Between the desire to maintain the program and the temptation to cancel, the organizers' opinions differ.Confined, Olivier Py gave his press conference online and...