Introduces new HIV drug with greatly improved duration of action presents new HIV drug with a greatly improved duration of action One injection every six months: New drug works differently against HI viruses n-tv NEWS Fight against AIDS: New HIV active ingredient “is a strong substance” WORLD New HIV medication works differently and longer than the previous Promising results: RND tested new drug […]

Mix of sugar instead of antibiotic is said to cure cystitis

Furthermore, the researchers recognized in the light microscope that large clumps form from the uromodulin filaments and Escherichia coli bacteria – and then are probably simply excreted in the urine. With these new findings, antibiotic-free treatments and prevention strategies for cystitis can be further developed. So far, patients have often received preparations containing the sugar […]

Corona warning app: almost 50,000 new cases in Brazil

NAfter a peak in April, the number of Deaths in Germany apparently normalized in the long term. The Federal Statistical Office evaluates the death reports from the registry offices on a weekly basis. The preliminary figures are now available until June 7th. Since the beginning of May, the number of deaths has been “again in […]

A new pandemic, sensation or news?

reviews July 3, 2020 Last update 02 July 2020, 21:05 It is noteworthy that expert comments, even if they are intended to be reassuring, do not resolve concerns. This week the media reported on a new virus that is haunting Chinese pig farming and that has infected people there as well. “It is a potential […]

Hundreds of Pigs in Sikka, NTT, Sudden Dead Invaded by African Swine Flu Page

MAUMERE, – Hundreds of pigs in Sikka District, NTT, have died from African swine flu (ASF). Animal official of Sikka Regency’s Agriculture Office, Elvrida Carvalo, explained, from January to June, it was recorded that 266 pigs in the area were killed by the ASF virus. Elvrida said, hundreds of pigs died because of the […]

The client of a nightclub was positive, all patrons in quarantine

SLAB 01.07.2020 – 08:060 Update: 12:10 Terminus Club managers now intend to present the attendance list to the authorities. On social media: “We hope you are all well.” The authorities: “Quarantine for 300 people”. OLTEN – A nightclub in Olten (SO), equipped with a restaurant bar and disco, announced yesterday evening that a customer has […]

How to protect nerve cells in a stroke

Many neurons can survive a stroke, but for this you need to prevent them from losing too much potassium. A circulatory disturbance in the brain threatens with a stroke: a little blood comes to neurons, they lack oxygen and nutrients, and as a result, nerve cells die in large numbers. But among them there are […]