How to treat rheumatism: solutions that take pain in the hand

Some rheumatic diseases, such as osteoarthritis, are the result of “wear and tear” of the joints. Other rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, occur when the immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks the joint joints, causing pain, inflammation and destruction of the affected joint. Almost any joint can be affected by rheumatism. Rheumatism can also […]

WHO guarantees that it will only endorse a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine

Updated: Friday, 04 September, 2020 21:33 Published: 04.09.2020 21:31 In a press conference, the World Health Organization has guaranteed that it will not endorse no experimental vaccine without being fully convinced that it is safe and effective to prevent COVID-19. “I assure the world that WHO will only endorse a safe and effective vaccine,” said […]

7 Ways to increase endurance to prevent corona virus attacks

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Increasing endurance is one of the best efforts to prevent transmission of the corona virus. The reason is, so far the corona virus is still contagious and there is no known cure or vaccine for the corona virus. How to increase endurance to prevent corona virus attacks can be done easily. Some […]

Coronavirus: On average more than 800 infections per day, mortality rates remain low

Also in the period between 7 and 13 September, the corona figures continue to rise in our country. The mortality rate is also rising slightly. Corona infection was diagnosed in an average of 807.3 people per day. This is evident from the figures from Sciensano, the government health organization that analyzes the corona figures. During […]

With a light bulb in the house, he has to pay 3,500 lei for electricity

Dandu Ioana, aged 74, from Dămuc village, Neamţ county, has to pay almost 3,500 lei, an amount that represents a regularization of electricity consumption for the last three months of 2015. According to România TV, the woman, who lives in a poor house, without modern electrical appliances, wants to pay this bill, but in installments, […]

Fauci says a COVID vaccine could be ready sooner than expected

A COVID-19 vaccine could be available sooner than expected if ongoing clinical trials produce overwhelmingly positive results, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s highest-ranking infectious diseases official, in an interview with KHN. Although two ongoing clinical trials with 30,000 volunteers are expected to end by the end of the year, Fauci said an independent board […]

Buleleng Region with the Highest DHF Cases in Indonesia, East Jakarta Number 5

JAKARTA, NKRIKU – The Ministry of Health (Kemkes) recorded that there were 84,734 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DBD) throughout Indonesia as of September 2020. Buleleng Regency in Bali is a level II area with the highest DHF cases in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Director of Prevention and Control of Vector and Zoonotic […]

LIVE | Worldwide more than 30 million corona infections | Inland

The number of people worldwide who have been diagnosed with the coronavirus has passed 30 million on Thursday. That figure is based on the database of the American University Johns Hopkins. Most infections have been diagnosed in the United States. The number there stands at more than 6.6 million. The number is also increasing rapidly […]

Here’s how dangerous mayonnaise is!

This dish has a taste that many cannot refrain from. So, it is not at all strange that mayonnaise is used in many dishes: in salads, in sandwiches, in fish, in various aspic dishes, along with some vegetables, even eggs and many others. However, nutritionists warn that this food is not good for the body […]