Microwave: What disease can you make from reheated food in plastic containers

Food reheated in the microwave can disrupt the body’s health, and the risk of developing diabetes increases if plastic dishes are used, warns Dr. Leonardo Transande. The microwave oven is a useful tool in the kitchen, but, according to Dr. Leonardo Transande, it is quite dangerous for our health, writes doctorulzilei.ro. This is because the […]

A nasal vaccine against COVID-19

They were a few drops that tasted like strawberry … The polio vaccine was not injected, it was eaten! The news of its eradication in Africa has filled us with emotion, and memory has brought us back the taste of the vaccine. Because vaccines can also be savored. And do they smell? A few days […]

CDC Admits Corona Virus Can Spread Through the Air

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admits that the coronavirus can spread through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as aerosols, which are produced when a person breathes. To that end, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its guidance on the spread of Covid-19 on its official […]

Learn to speak again thanks to Speech-Music Therapy

Give someone a voice again who is unable or difficult to express his or her words. That is the goal of Treant Zorggroep’s new Speech-Music Therapy (SMTA) treatment. After six months of practice, Mrs. Foss from Bilderdijk in Hoogeveen can order coffee again, pronounce the name of her daughters and greet and thank people. An […]

Do you like coffee? You can grow it at home!

Atmospheric conditions According to Dr. Paulina Anastasiu, director of the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, the tree feels good at a temperature of 17-28 ° C, and the soil must be rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium. About 4-5 years pass from sowing to ripening of the first fruits. At maturity, the tree […]

The Oxford vaccine already stopped in July due to another myelitis problem

The AstraZeneca vaccine, the most advanced and in which there was the greatest hope, has suffered a setback and has had to suspend its clinical trials. The reason, a volunteer who agreed to be injected with the vaccine, not the placebo, has transverse myelitis. This was announced by the pharmaceutical company at dawn on Wednesday […]

Pregnant Women Positive Covid-19 at High Risk of Prematurity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A recent study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) find infected pregnant women Covid-19 who are symptomatic or hospitalized have a high risk of giving birth baby prematurely. “In this study, preterm births occurred approximately three times higher in symptomatic pregnant women than in those without […]

Do not put people behind #ikdoenietmeermee on an island

News 23 september 2020 Due to the corona crisis, we now look differently at people who stay at home, says Pieter Derks with satisfaction. Because our work ethic had gone a bit too far. “Calling in sick was weak. Real knights keep working. If you were sick for two days, you could expect the company […]

Public health warns against using drugs against COVID-19

An example of ‘corona medicine’ offered in Suriname The Ministry of Health in Suriname has strongly warned the population not to be misled by advertisements of remedies against the coronavirus. These remedies are recommended by lay people, who call themselves ‘doctor’. According to the Surinamese ministry, this concerns deception by illegal practices, which can pose […]