the match against Bastia must allow the Blood and Gold to switch to a new dynamic

After three draws at the start of the National Championship, Le Mans FC receives SC Bastia, at the MMArena, this Monday, September 7, 2020. “This match should allow us to put ourselves on the right side of our ambitions to move towards a real competitive spirit”, underlines Didier Ollé-Nicolle, the Manceau coach. To hang the […]

14 years later, the America’s Cup returns to New Zealand – America’s Cup

With prodigy Peter Burling at its helm, the Kiwi Challenge outclassed its American rival in Bermuda. This time, there was no spectacular “comeback“. And in the Land of the Long White Cloud, the trauma of San Francisco is finally erased. In 2013, the Golden Gate had collapsed on the heads of New Zealanders, beaten 9-8 […]

California gets ban on new fuel-engined cars

Only emission-free by 2035 September 24, 2020 at 9:29 AM California says it will tighten the sales rules for new passenger cars. Governor Gavin Newsom has put an end date on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. It is a week full of news about countries that are tightening emission rules. Take Great Britain […]

Visiting New York’s Jewish Quarter, where 228 people have measles

Doctors and prominent rabbis encourage vaccination of children, yet some parents remain suspicious. The ultra-orthodox action group PEACH distributes leaflets and magazines against vaccination. They claim that the vaccinations contain cells from human fetuses, DNA from pigs and that the shots cause autism or other conditions. Scientists call the claims nonsense. “It is unfair to […]

Tourists are starting to return to Greece after the restrictions of Covid-19

Greece in the sun in July 2020 – waiting for the return of tourists +30 See more Flights resumed after a four-month charter outage due to the Covid-19 crisis. According to the company’s representative, there were a total of 290 passengers on the flights performed today – 145 on each flight. Security measures were strictly […]

“A city where the citizen is associated with the choices”

Posted 10/28/2019 at 6:34 p.m. By Sylvie GABRIOT Created a year ago, the association “Saint-André Causes communes” presented its head of the list on Friday. Ne are convinced that the Dryats are waiting for a new “positive” project making our town a united, ecological and exemplary citizen city “. Five months before the local ballot, […]

The director of the New York Metropolitan Museum resigns

The Metropolitan Museum is high on the list of tourists, and the museum also enjoys an excellent reputation in New York. But because of a million deficit, director Thomas Campbell takes his hat. Probably the most important museum in the world after the Louvre: The Met in New York. (Image: pd) phi. The director of […]

Anwar Ibrahim One Step Towards PM’s Chair

loading… KUALA LUMPUR – Leader of the Malaysian opposition Anwar Ibrahim admitted that he was ready to form a new government because he received majority support in parliament. He is also looking for an opportunity to meet with the King of Malaysia to formalize the appointment as prime minister (PM). Anwar must get the approval […]

Moroccan minors in Goutte-d’Or are “neither orphans nor street children”

The entrance to Alain-Bashung Park at Goutte-d’Or. – Caroline Politi Since October 2016, Moroccan unaccompanied minors and now Algerians and Tunisians have been living in the heart of the Goutte d’Or, in the 18th district. Despite more consistent treatment, the phenomenon persists. Several cities in France and in the suburbs are facing the same phenomenon. […]

Zero tolerance: why Chicago is sinking into violence and New York is alive

Et in the history of New York City there have repeatedly been phases in which the city seemed to sink into a wave of violence. One of them wasn’t that long ago. In the early 1990s, the police counted more than 1.1 million crimes each year. There were 100,000 break-ins, over 200,000 robberies and nearly […]