A last tribute to Philippe Gildas. The funeral of the mythical host of Canal + and Europe 1 took place Monday at the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Catherine Nay, the great voice of the station and who has long rubbed shoulders with Philippe Gildas, told this moment of emotion, where humor was present. "Philippe did not want his funeral to be sad, so his sons and one of his grandchildren, then Valerie, Maryse's daughter whom he considered his, told us of their own Philippe: his life's appetite, his phenomenal memory, his bad faith often, but his benevolence, always, and with humor, to the end, "Catherine Nay described Monday night on Europe 1.The discourse dotted with humor Antoine de Caunes. "While he was in palliative care, he had rejoiced in front of one of his sons to not have to make speeches that day.There, we laughed.Pierre Lescure praised his obsession with information , in his way to check everything and to hatch so many talents.There, we smiled, "continued the journalist. "Then Antoine de Caunes, who had been commissioned to lighten the atmosphere, reminded us of some gaffes on the air, like that of having interviewed Sophie Marceau and still calling her Sylvie, and again, we laughed. de Caunes then said that the ceremony was secular, since there was no priest, since Leprêtre is Philippe's family name, he added: the priest is in the box.Also, we laughed " said Catherine Nay, before concluding on these words full of emotions of Maryse, the wife of Philippe. "And it's only when Maryse said that she will not know how to live without him, after 36 years of happiness, we all had tears in our eyes."


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