TMainly Matthias Katsch is one of those who have kindled the storm against the Catholic Church in Germany. He himself is an abuse victim. Although he would always describe himself only as a victim. It has been eight and a half years since Katsch and two other former students of the Canisius Kolleg, a Jesuit-run elite grammar school in Berlin, turned to the then director, Father Klaus Mertes, for having been abused by two former church teachers of the school.

Mertes then wrote a letter to 600 former students, apologized on behalf of the college, and called on everyone to report who had had similar experiences. The letter became public, many concerned with the press, in the end there were 205 reports of cases of abuse of facilities of the Jesuit order, most of the Canisius College, but also in other places in Germany. There were also people affected by other, non-church schools and institutions, the reform educational Odenwaldschule about. A breeze had turned into a strong wind.



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