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Cathy Hummels openly shows son Ludwig on Instagram

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30. June 2021 – 10:07 Clock

Ludwig Hummels unfiltered to Mama Cathy’s hand

When Cathy Hummels posts photos or videos with her son Ludwig on Instagram, the 33-year-old usually takes care not to openly show the little man. She either puts funny filters over his face or just shows the three-year-old from behind. But before the European Championship game of the German national team against England, Cathy poses with Ludwig “very excited” in front of the television – and shows her son openly from the front for the first time. Much to the amazement – and also outrage – of their followers.

“You forgot to cover up Ludwig!”

“WE ARE READY FOR THE FIGHT !!! Let’s rock this … Ludwig and I are definitely so excited. How are you?” Wrote Cathy about the photo on which she wore the jersey with the number of her husband Mats Hummels (32) combined into a mini skirt. Ludwig, also in a jersey and with a Germany flower wreath, is faxing next to her on her hand. And even when the little man keeps his eyes down, we see him for the first time unfiltered from the front.

Cathy’s followers are divided on this. While some post heart emojis and write “You look great”, the others are very surprised that the moderator and influencer suddenly shows her son openly: “You forgot to cover up Ludwig!” or “Did I miss something? Now the boy is suddenly shown” is in the comments.

Some are annoyed that Cathy now seems to be one of those celebrity mothers who openly show their children on social media – despite the dangers of pedophiles. “Children don’t belong in the net!” or “Maybe think about children’s photos on the Internet?”

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After the unfortunately lost game against England, Cathy reports again on Instagram. In one photo she is holding the sad Ludwig in her arms and writing “It’s just a shame, we would have liked to keep the fever going.” In this picture, Ludwig’s face is again covered with a large cap. (csp)


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