Cathy Hummels shows an unusual shopping look

She is known to polarize. Cathy Hummels knows how to put herself in the limelight and so she’s once again causing a stir with an entry on the Internet. The latest trick: her overdressed look for the weekly market.

Photo series with 17 pictures

Cathy Hummels has an “almost unsolvable problem”. In any case, the presenter is now informing her around 650,000 Instagram fans about this. With the help of two pictures, she explains exactly where the difficulty lies.

One shows the wife of professional soccer player Mats Hummels in a completely pink outfit. Shoes, coat, hat and handbag are all the same color. Quite a noticeable eye-catcher. In the second picture, Hummels wears the same outfit only in turquoise and pushes a shopping cart in front of her. “I don’t know whether I should wear all over pink or all over turquoise?” Asks the influencer.

However, it is great that no matter what outfit she wears, the “shopping trolleys have these comfortable child seats” because they are “perfect for my designer handbag”. So she no longer has the problem of not knowing what to do with her expensive accessory.

Entry by Cathy Hummels is meant ironically

You can trust Hummels a lot, but this entry is a touch too much even for the model. As she explains herself afterwards, this Instagram post is meant ironically. And what’s the point? It is a “small statement to everyone who takes themselves too seriously, makes others stupid because they act out their own preferences or bully others, simply out of lust, mood and boredom,” explains the 33-year-old.

Should anyone actually go to the weekly market in this elevator, she would like that very much. “I love fashion, color and personality”, assures the resident of Munich.