Cathy Hummels surprises son Ludwig with a crazy gift for leaving daycare

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Cathy Hummels baked a cake in the shape of an emoji for son Ludwig. The influencer is not only celebrated by her fans for her (supposed) skills as a baker.

Dortmund – Despite the ongoing rumors of a separation from husband Mats, Cathy Hummels * goes to great lengths to be a good mother for their son Ludwig. The little rascal is – the presenter has often emphasized this – the most important thing in her life. A new campaign proves this once more, reveals RUHR24 *.

Promi Cathy Hummels
job Influencer and presenter
Born January 31, 1988 (age 33), in Dachau

Cathy Hummels gives son Ludwig a poo emoji cake on the last day of daycare

Because a big day was on the program in Ludwig’s life. The three-year-old has said goodbye to daycare and is now a kindergarten child. But the Hummels offspring were apparently not too enthusiastic about it. The cake that Cathy Hummels * baked for her son on the occasion of the new phase of life proves this.

Because it is modeled on the dung-heap emoji, which is particularly popular among Whatsapp users. The emoji shows a curled up pile of dung with big eyes and a big smile. It is often used to describe a situation – or to depict the emotional world of Ludwig Hummels on the last day in the day care center.

Cathy Hummels causes a stir with a cake for Ludwig – ex-basketball player is enthusiastic

In a pink cotton jogging suit, Cathy Hummels presents the cake, which is not only unconventional at first glance, in her Instagram feed. Ludwig would have expressly wished for that. Why? “Everything is with him today [Kothaufen-Emoji]“, Explains the influencer (more news about NRW celebrities * at RUHR24).

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The sight of the cake has apparently knocked the young scion down. “His eyes were the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. His wish came true, ”writes Cathy Hummels about the photo. Was the cake also convincing in terms of taste? The 33-year-old at least emphasizes that the cake doesn’t taste as it looks.

Cathy Hummels granted her son Ludwig an unusual wish.

© Tobias Hase / dpa

Visually, the cake is definitely a masterpiece. The fans of Cathy Hummels are over the moon. “Just fulfill every wish and don’t look at what others think. I think it’s great. Mega cool cake, “comments an Instagram user. “Too cool, I celebrate this cake so much,” writes another.

Kothaufen cake from Cathy Hummels: the presenter asked for help with baking

The Kothaufen cake has also done to the celebrities. The former national basketball player and later reality participant Andrej Mangold * is visibly enthusiastic. “What kind of awesome cake is that? Have fun celebrating, ”he comments. But an Instagram post from Cathy Hummels would not be a real Instagram post from Cathy Hummels if it weren’t for the obligatory criticism.

“Um ok. I would never make it for my child ”or“ I personally find the cake terrible for a little boy ”, you can read there. Another follower simply asks: “What’s the point?”

Will Cathy Hummels start another career as a pastry chef despite the shared echo? Admittedly, the hobby baker was not alone in the kitchen when preparing the dung pile emoji cake. She was supported by a caterer from Munich who specializes in motif cakes. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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