CATL: Electric car battery for a range of 1,000 kilometers

Three years ago, CATL presented its cell-to-pack technology to the world public for the first time. A new battery with this design should now give electric cars a range of 1,000 kilometers and super-fast charging in just 10 minutes. According to CATL, the “Qilin” battery is more powerful than Tesla’s 4680 cells.

More space for battery cells

Qilin is the third generation of CATL battery packs with a cell-to-pack design that does not require any battery modules at all. Instead, the individual cells are integrated directly into the battery housing. The volume efficiency is therefore impressive: CATL specifies it at 72 percent. This means that 72 percent of the battery pack is available for battery cells, the rest is used for structure, connections, safety devices and cooling. 72 percent is a big improvement over the 55 percent volume efficiency of the first cell-to-pack system that CATL introduced in 2019.

More energy density than Tesla 4680-cell batteries

The energy density of the batteries is 255 Wh/kg. According to CATL, Qilin is a full 13 percent better than Tesla’s 4680 cells. The battery also shows better values ​​for the preheating time: It can be heated to a specified target temperature in just five minutes, for example when the temperature is below zero. The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, needs up to an hour to warm up to 50 degrees Celsius, according to “EFAHRER”.

Improved temperature management

CATL said they quadrupled the heat transfer area by placing the liquid cooling element between the cells. It’s usually on the bottom. Instead of the previous three-part structure, CATL now uses a flexible sandwich structure with buffer elements between the cells, which can also compensate for physical changes inside the battery. This increases reliability.

This layout allows for faster charge times, better control of cell temperatures, and faster warm-up in cold weather. Specifically, CATL announces a 50 percent increase in thermal efficiency over the previous battery design. The battery can be realized with either NMC or LFP cell chemistries.

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These manufacturers want to use the Qilin battery

CATL wants to mass-produce the new battery from 2023. The manufacturer supplies major car manufacturers in China and worldwide. Hyundai, Kia and Genesis are among the brands that have already confirmed using Qilin technology in their vehicles. However, whether an electric car achieves the promised range of 1,000 kilometers depends on the size of the battery and the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

Cell-to-pack technology is also a component of CATL’s Evogo battery replacement division. This is a network of battery exchange stations that are compatible with most electric car brands. The first exchange stations are already in operation in China.

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