Cause of Taylor Hawkins’ death clear? Police find traces of drugs in blood

A first post-mortem of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died unexpectedly, gives evidence of drug use. Several substances were found, said the Attorney General in Bogotá.

During a first forensic examination of “Foo Fighters” drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died unexpectedly in Colombia, ten different substances were found in his body. These included THC (marijuana), tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids, as the Attorney General of the South American country announced on Saturday (local time).

The National Forensic Institute is continuing its medical investigation to clarify the circumstances that led to the artist’s death, it said. The Attorney General’s office will continue to investigate and inform about the results in due course. Hawkins died on Friday while on tour in Colombia at the age of 50.

Musician is said to have complained of chest pains

The drummer was found dead in a hotel in the Colombian capital Bogotá, the magazine “Semana” initially reported on Friday (local time). The “Foo Fighters” were supposed to perform there on Friday night at the Estéreo Picnic music festival.

Nothing was initially known about the cause of death. The Attorney General of the South American country wrote on Twitter on Saturday that it had appointed a special team of prosecutors and investigators to support the investigation.

According to initial reports, Hawkins complained of chest pains and an ambulance was called. However, by the time he arrived, Hawkins had already died. The responsible health department in Bogotá confirmed the course of events on Saturday.