causes 3 types of cancer

Here is what would be the traditional breakfast that each of us has and which unfortunately would cause 3 different types of cancer.

Breakfast causes cancer –

Italians are passionate about a type of Breakfast which would seriously harm your health.

It was recently discovered and it alarmed everyone. It would produce 3 different types of cancer. Here are the foods that we should absolutely avoid.

What is the typical Italian breakfast

The Italians are by far the people who love the most Breakfast sweet. Milk, coffee, butter, cereals, croissants, jams. However, it has recently been discovered that some foods that make up this first Italian meal would be carcinogenic.

Breakfast –

Research is stunning and reveals something no one really knew about.

These types of foods are always present in all our homes and none of us expected them to be so bad.

The crowning glory is that we don’t consume them only for breakfast, but during lunch, dinner, or a snack. In addition, they appear in numerous desserts! Precisely for this reason it is really difficult to avoid them. Doctors, however, argue that it would hurt so much that it could even cause ben 3 different types of cancer.

Italian breakfast
Italian breakfast –

The news is shocking and comes directly from China, where the study in question was carried out, which is going around the world. This is what we are talking about! Read on to find out which foods are most harmful to yours salute and that of your children!

Here is what causes 3 types of cancer

Lo studio who found out what foods it was in China. Scientists analyzed as many as 500,000 people.

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If 70% rarely ate this type of food, 1/5 consumed it at least once a week. The results showed that the consumption of this food was connected to a greater risk of liver cancerfrom lymphoma e you breast cancer.

Cheese and milk
Cheese and milk –

As explained by the researchers:

“This was the first major study to investigate the link between dairy products and cancer risk in the Chinese population. Further studies are needed to validate these findings, establish whether these associations are causal and investigate potential underlying mechanisms. “

And in fact we are talking about gods dairy products, then some milk, yogurt and cheese. According to the study they would be the main cause of tumors like these. And did you know it? How many times a week do you consume these foods?