Causes of acute decline in blood circulation and methods of prevention


A “sharp drop in blood circulation” is one of the most common causes of sudden death that is not preceded by clear signs.

The most recent sudden death of this reason was the death of the young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki at dawn on Thursday at the age of 35.

The sharp decline in blood circulation is the result of the inability of the circulatory system to maintain the supply of tissue oxygen and other nutrients and remove carbon dioxide and other metabolites. It may be due to a lack of blood volume, or a malfunctioning distribution.

In the following points we review the most prominent information about the sharp decline in blood circulation:

• Often associated with heart health problems, such as weakness or fall of the heart muscle or arrhythmia.

It can occur as a result of a blood microbe, a stroke in the lung, internal or external bleeding or severe dehydration.

• It can be due to exposure to a neurological shock that leads to an increase in the diameter of the arteries beyond its normal size.

• It is also associated with pregnancy or high blood pressure treatments, depression and Parkinson's disease as well as heat stroke.

• In other cases, it can be associated with severe pneumonia or impaired liver function.

• It can lead to death directly, and in some other cases may be preceded by alarming symptoms such as depression and dizziness.

• Tests should be performed such as measuring blood pressure, drawing a heart and making sound waves on the heart, if symptoms are felt.

• To prevent it should eat a diet rich in salt, and a large amount of fluids.

• Exercise regularly to promote blood flow in the body, and avoid lifting weights.

• Avoid exposure to hot water by bathing and others.

The artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki died in the early hours of Thursday morning, after a sharp decline in blood circulation.

The circumstances of the death revealed that «Haitham» was out at dawn yesterday, and appeared to be a state of fatigue and fatigue, and told the security of his compound that he suffers from «colic», and went to a pharmacy inside the compound, to buy medicines, and returned to the apartment again.

The prosecution issued a decision to present the body to the morgue of Zeinhom, to dissect the body of the young artist and take the samples required to indicate the causes of death, whether it is natural or carrying criminal suspicion.


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