Causes of dizziness are many including heart disease and blood pressure

Causes of dizziness are many including heart disease and blood pressure

Thursday 14 June 2018 04:05 PM Many parts of your body, including your eyes, brain, inner ears, nerves of your feet and backbone, control your balance and protect you from vertigo, but when a disorder occurs in any part you feel dizzy, dizziness can be a sign of your injury With a disease, in this report we identify the causes of dizziness and everything related to it. What causes dizziness What is dizziness or dizziness? The website ” emedicine health “Head dizziness is a common description of many different emotions, and describes a sense of rotation in the person’s surroundings, and can occur because of the movement of the head or may be rotor symptoms of vertigo or stroke. Causes of dizziness Dizziness occurs because of a wide range of causes, sometimes doctors may not find a specific diagnosis of the individual injured but some causes of dizziness are serious and here are the most important causes of dizziness Causes of dizziness caused by heart disease Dizziness caused by heart disease or blood pressure problems Dizziness may occur due to a heart attack or irregular heartbeat, weakness of the heart muscle or its morbidity or toxins or drugs that affect the rate or strength of heart cramps or high blood pressure or low, as low blood pressure has several causes, including heart disease Hemorrhage and anemia. Dizziness caused by brain diseases Dizziness may occur due to stroke, tumor, headache, and migraines, as well as loss or lack of blood supply to the brain such as fainting, dementia.

Dizziness caused by drugs Most drugs include dizziness as a potential side effect but are more common with some medications such as: blood pressure medications, diuretics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, painkillers, certain antibiotics. Causes of dizziness caused by diseases of aging Dizziness caused by aging Dizziness sometimes occurs due to diseases of aging, low activity or weakness, as well as hypotension, arteriosclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases such as diabetes, dizziness, menopause, hearing loss, ringing in the ears or dementia. Dizziness caused by metabolism disorders “metabolism” These disorders include hypoxia, low blood sugar or dehydration. Dizziness caused by mental illness Such as: depression, anxiety, panic disorder or hyperactivity of anxiety and stress all these things may cause dizziness. Causes of dizziness Dizziness caused by other diseases Dizziness may occur due to internal bleeding, anemia or prolonged rest in bed, causing weakness and loss of ability to compensate, endocrine diseases or allergies that cause wheezing, low blood pressure or can lead to sinusitis.

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