Causes of Excessive Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is often found in women than men, this condition is a concern that you want to avoid especially hair is a crown for every woman. The haircut model is very influential on the appearance of the facial structure, such as a volume bob haircut that gives a youthful impression and is very suitable for thin face types. Hair loss is often a concern because it reduces hair volume to premature baldness. Therefore, let’s identify the causes of excessive hair loss in women to be able to deal with it properly.


Work, trauma, problems, or the end of a relationship, even the Covid-19 pandemic, can cause even prolonged stress. This condition can be the main cause of your hair loss. Emotional problems can cause one of the telogen effluvium to become active. Telogen effluvium causes hair to stop growing for the next 2-3 months.

Yoga or vacations can balance your emotions, which is highly recommended. Why not? Be Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, and Love because the pandemic brings us to an uncertain situation with various problems that always drain energy and emotions and hair loss can be a signal that your body needs to rest for a while.

(The Cause of Excessive Hair Loss in Women. Tired of Work. Photo: Doc. Pixabay/Pexels)

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Have you tried various ways to deal with hair loss but to no avail? It turns out that the problem of hair loss is not just a matter of emotion but can be caused by genetic factors. Genes from both parents who have hair loss problems make you at a young age. Thin hair from day to day can be overcome with hair fertilizer or just hair tonic.

Hair tonic is a hair treatment that serves to strengthen the structure of the hair down to the roots. Benefit hair tonic not only strengthens hair roots, but also nourishes the scalp, and makes hair shiny. Content of hair tonic are oil, alcohol, and ethanol.


It turns out that being a vegan does not only pay attention to carbohydrate content as a source of energy but also protein because protein deficiency can also be a cause of hair loss in women. Low protein intake can weaken hair roots and slow hair growth.

Protein is a substance that is needed by the body, besides playing an important role in hair growth, protein also plays a role in forming antibodies that are needed to fight viruses and infections. Fulfill your protein consumption from nuts, such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, peas, to oatmeal.

causes of excessive hair loss in women

(Causes of Excessive Hair Loss in Women. Nuts. Photo: Doc. Pinterest)

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Hair Dryer

Reviews on internal factors such as protein deficiency, stress, and genetics that inhibit hair growth have been discussed, but are there external factors that can cause excessive hair loss in women? The answer can be found in the use of a hairdryer or hair dryer too often. Especially if the temperature used is too hot because it reduces the natural moisture in the hair. In addition to hair loss, the side effects of using a straightener or hair dryer are damaged, dry, and split ends.

The solution to this problem is to use conditioner to nourish the hair when shampooing and rinse again using a shampoo that has properties to overcome hair loss, damaged hair, to nourish the scalp. Search content keratin damage blocker in your shampoo because this content serves to prevent hair breakage due to damage.

causes of excessive hair loss in women

(Causes of Excessive Hair Loss in Women. Hair dryer. Photo: Doc. Pinterest)

The most important thing in dealing with the causes of excessive hair loss in women is to identify the cause. After finding the root of the problem, solution or treatment what you do will be effective in overcoming the loss.

(Author: Fathya Jeehan)


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