Causes of heat and methods of prevention

Causes of heat and methods of prevention

The high temperature or heat of the most prominent problems we are always exposed, which is associated with many diseases accompanied by sweating, vomiting, nausea and fatigue in the body. According to, the reasons for warming are: Causes of heat 1: Exposure to incandescent sun for long periods may expose you to sunbathing and high temperature rise. 2: Drought, one of the main causes of heat. 3: All types of infections such as tonsillitis, bacterial and viral infections, sore throat, gums, teeth, urinary system and sinuses. 4: Cancer and benign tumors. 5: HIV infection “HIV”. 6: Certain medicines such as antibiotics and medications used in the treatment of hypertension and heart attacks. 7: Some vaccinations such as coughing cough and pneumococcal vaccine.
There are some tips and guidelines that should be followed to prevent heat: Methods of prevention of heat: 1: Wash your hands down especially before eating and afterwards use toilet or petting animals while traveling on public transport so as to avoid infection with germs and viruses. Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth if you do not sterilize and wash your hands well to avoid infection. 3: Avoid using someone else’s personal tools such as napkins, spoons, cups and water bottles, to prevent infection and viruses. 4: Cover the mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing away from the crowded places, where the spread of germs and epidemics. 5: The multiplication of drinking liquids and natural juices to promote the health of the immune system and protect the body from diseases. 6: Stay away from fast food and fatty foods and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, especially those containing vitamin C and d. 7: Stay away from smoking and alcohol, because it is one of the leading causes of chronic diseases that cause heat.
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