Xiaomi is a global brand that it has managed to become as a result of more than five years of hard daily work. This electronics manufacturer produces smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, as well as many other products, up to "smart" appliances for the home. As is always the case with popular trademarks, gadgets of this manufacturer began to actively forge. This was reported by the official representation of the brand in India, where it came to the point that opened several fake supposedly official outlets.

Any store in India can become part of the Xiaomi trading network, but for this it is necessary to receive special documents after passing a series of checks. Xiaomi Vice President Manu Kumar Jane reported today, February 14, 2019, that many stores in Indian territory simply decided to purchase forged documents with a franchise that has his personal forged signature. On this fact, the company has already contacted the police, but the investigation may take several months, during which tens of thousands of buyers will have time to suffer.

It is noted that in fake Xiaomi stores can be sold fake electronic devices, and at prices higher than the official. We are talking about fake smartphones, headphones, portable batteries, as well as many other products. To distinguish a real store from the original one, go to the official website of the company, and then familiarize yourself with the map of outlets in one or another country of the world. This is the only and easiest way to find out if a particular store is part of the company's retail network, or not.

Using fake Xiaomi electronic devices is fraught with the fact that they can pose a real threat to life. No one has tested such gadgets, as a result of which they can easily explode right in your pocket. Given that this electronics manufacturer sells all its gadgets at minimal prices, it is difficult to even imagine that someone has managed to forge its products. However, most likely, fake smartphones and other devices have much worse technical equipment, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware. Beware of fakes!

Earlier it became known how easy and simple it is to check Xiaomi products for authenticity.

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