Pablo Correa, 52, knows and appreciates his compatriot Edinson Cavani. The former striker and coach of Nancy or Auxerre analyzes the potential rebound of El Matador, after a goal scored against Lyon, this Sunday.

Can Cavani still reverse the attacking hierarchy?

PABLO CORREA. We will say that I support Cavani because he is Uruguayan, but that’s really not it. I’ve heard from the start of the season that Icardi would be a better finisher. I do not agree. I know what Cavani wood is made of. I already thought it was very unfair to say that it was over. Some want to move on too quickly. We wanted to compare Icardi over a few games and Cavani over his six years in Paris. We quickly forgot it. I saw Icardi’s goals, I think Cavani would have set them too. I was very happy after his goal on Sunday (Editor’s note: during the PSG victory against Lyon), maybe even more than him (Laughter). For me, Cavani is better suited to the current game of PSG.

Why ?

The big games are coming and I have no certainty about Icardi’s ability to take PSG far. Edinson has animal behavior in front of the goal. I have friends who told me about his training in the Uruguayan selection with Luis Suarez. He gets sick when he misses a goal. In the Champions League, Cavani seems to me more useful than Icardi. I’m not even talking about defending, but hampering the opponent’s first raise.

Icardi does not hinder very very much this first recovery. Neymar does it in Ligue 1, but it will never be regular because it is not in his nature. Mbappé will not do it. It seems to me that Cavani can be decisive. There is also the emotional nature of the Champions League matches. Icardi has less experience than Cavani in this area.

El Matador has not started a match since January 5. Is it not lost in advance in terms of rhythm?

It is missing, we see it when it comes into play. But it remains playable. He must play one of the two games of the week, Dijon or Amiens, in full or almost. He needs to be in the field, to exercise himself. It is still on schedule.

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