Four children are already free. Others are expected to leave the cave in Thailand on Monday. The second cave rescue operation is under way. The news ticker for dramatic use. Three to four boys are to be released on Monday morning.
According to official figures, four boys have already been released from the Thailand Cave. In the hospital, they were quarantined.
The rescue of children trapped in a cave in Thailand started on Sunday.
On July 6th, the first dead man was trying to save the youth. The oxygen content in the cave drops rapidly.
2 July: The missing teenagers and their coach were discovered well after nine days.
June 23: A group of teenagers from Thailand was surprised by a flash flood. They withdrew into a cave and were trapped. After that, they were considered missing. >> 14:22 : The rescue operation is ongoing. According to media reports, another boy was safely recovered from the flooded cave. According to eyewitnesses, the teenager was examined in a tent at the entrance to the cave. In total, eight people would have been saved so far. The coach and four boys are still in the cave, they say. An official confirmation is not yet available. An eight has also been sent to a medical facility on site according to an eyewitness who is part of the rescue operations at the entrance of the cave. The total number of boys pulled out of the cave is now at 8. Four boys and their coach remain inside. – Matt Rivers (@MattRiversCNN) July 9, 2018 13.55: According to the British newspaper The Independent Now the seventh person has been rescued from the cave in Thailand. An eyewitness wants to have observed that. This would have saved a total of seven children since Sunday. The English Sun also reports a seventh rescued boy. He should have been carried on a stretcher. Divers bring more boys out of the cave 13:22: There are first reports of a sixth boy who was probably rescued. The English Guardian confirmed with reference to local sources that this should be achieved. An official confirmation from the authorities is still pending. Can confirm sixth boy is now out #thamluangcave – michael safi (@safimichael) July 9, 2018 13:03: According to IMAGE Reporters on the spot, another boy has been rescued and taken to the Prachunakroh hospital. This would now be five rescued in the clinic. Cave drama in Thailand: Protected by umbrellas, the rescued youth become a helicopter. © AFP / LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA 12:55: According to IMAGE An ambulance has left the area of ​​the cave at 5 pm local time (12 noon CEST). On board one of the trapped boys is said to have been. Shortly thereafter, a helicopter should be started. Rescue operation in Thailand: reports of rescued people are thickening 12.19 clock: Classmates of Thai football players, long trapped in a cave, are hoping to meet their friends soon. “We will eat grilled pork together,” said Pansa Sompienjai (15). He looks forward to playing football again with his friends. “They should also hurry, because we have a lot of homework,” he added. Six of the missing boys attend the Mae Sai Prasitsart School. Whether the four youngsters rescued on Sunday belong to their pupils, could not say the school administration. The authorities have not yet announced names. “I’m happy for the boys who came out yesterday,” said 14-year-old Warangchit Kankaew. He had been in the cave four times, he added. He had penetrated further than to that rock chamber in which the twelve boys and their coach were stuck since 23 June. “It was super dark, but I was not scared because I was there with a lot of people,” Warangchit said. The paths in the cave are very confused. It was exciting, but he was not sure if he would venture in again. 12:11: Well reported as well CNN citing helpers from another rescued person. Rescuers are said to have recovered at least one other boy from the cave in Thailand. 12:08: The signs are gathering that another rescue is imminent. According to the Thai news portal Bangkok Post Four more boys are about to leave the cave. They had already left behind the most dangerous passage and arrived at 16.00 local time (11.00 CEST) in the chamber in which the rescuers base camp is located. Official information is not available. Rescue operation in Thailand: English newspaper reports of fifth salvaged person 11:54: According to the English newspaper Sun Now a fifth person has been rescued from the cave. An eyewitness reported to reporters. The person was carried directly to an ambulance. But there are no official announcements yet. 11:31: According to IMAGE More than 100 farmers in northern Thailand are willing to sacrifice part of their harvest to help the trapped children. The farmers have allowed the rescue teams to drain water from the flooded cave in Privnz Chiang Rai to their farms and fields. This was announced by the authorities. A farmer’s spokesman said: “We are all ready to flood our harvest if all 13 members of the football team can be rescued. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture wants to give the farmers compensation for this “selfless sacrifice”. Rescue operation in Thailand: The recovered children are apparently in good health 10.35: The already rescued children are apparently in good health. They would have expressed an appetite and desire for pork seasoned with basil. This is reported by BILD with reference to local reporters who refer to the rescue mission coordinator, provincial governor Narongsak Osottanakorn. 10.18: Provincial Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn announced that the second rescue attempt has been in progress since the morning (local time). The core team consists of more than a dozen special divers, most of them from abroad. The action will probably take several hours. Only then will it be clear whether further trapped persons could be saved. The governor expressed confidence. He said, “We will have good news in a few hours.” Rescue operation in Thailand: The second diving mission has begun 10.08 clock: Now it’s official: In Thailand, a new diving mission began on Monday to rescue the eight trapped boys and their trainer from a cave. This was confirmed by the authorities in the nearby town of Mae Sai. 10.05 clock: There is still no official confirmation that the next phase of the rescue in Thailand has already begun. As the IMAGE reported, the diver to the hour but ready for the next use. The same rescuers will be deployed, who already had success on Sunday. This was confirmed by the Thai Interior Minister. Rescue operation in Thailand: During the night was worked continuously 09.13 clock: In Thailand, on Monday, the mission to rescue the eight still trapped in a cave boy and their football coach will continue. “We worked uninterruptedly during the night,” a Chiang Rai region government official who wanted to remain anonymous told AFP news agency on Monday. Thus, only the removal of the trapped was interrupted for several hours. Meanwhile, the authorities continue to give no indication of which of the twelve boys were released on Sunday. “Do not ask such questions, they are not smart questions,” said Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha on Monday in Bangkok on questions from journalists. During the day, Prayut himself was to travel to the cave to get a picture of the rescue operation. 08:24: Thailand’s government wants to have the four boys from a cave rescued by doctors now examined closely. Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda said on Monday, according to a report by the Bangkok Post, that the four members of the football team between the ages of 11 and 16 were “strong.” They would have to undergo further medical tests now. The boys are treated since their rescue on Sunday in a hospital of the provincial capital Chiang Rai. Eight teammates and the coach are still in the cave. It was unclear on Monday, as the authorities want to continue. From the official side there was no information as to whether the next rescue attempt has already begun or when it should begin. According to the Interior Minister, the divers, who were successful with their first action on Sunday, are to be used again. The rescue of the youth team, which is stuck in about four kilometers depth, is considered extremely dangerous. The rescuers practically take the boys in tow to bring them out. Parents do not know yet, which children were saved 7:34: How are the rescued children? A medical clerk did so on Sunday evening opposite the IMAGE “They were very weak, but their will is strong. Two of the boys came directly to the emergency room on a stretcher. They are now stabilized. “However, the parents do not seem to know yet which are the first children to be rescued:” They do not even know which children are saved. That will probably remain so until everyone is safe. No one should feel disadvantaged, “said the employee of the hospital. 06:37: The families of footballers rescued from a Thai cave are reportedly waiting for their first reunion. Like the transmitter Thai PBS On Monday, the authorities informed families that they were ready to visit the hospital. On Sunday, special divers rescued four boys from the cave. They are currently being treated in a hospital in Chiang Rai City. The rescue operation is to be continued on Monday. Cave drama in Thailand: rescue mission lasted ten hours News of July 8, 2018: 9:49 pm: It takes up to ten hours to prepare a rescue mission like the one on Sunday. Therefore, work is currently in full swing to get on Monday three more four boys out of the cave, said the Governor of the Chiang Rai region, Narongsak Osottanakorn. For example, oxygen cylinders must be placed along the way. 21.40 clock: According to one of the cave divers, the rescued had been sedated with sedatives before their dive so they would not panic. This revealed Ivan Karadzic (44) the Danish radio. “They were not completely anesthetized, but they did not respond.” Each child was connected to one of the divers with a rope as they made the difficult way out. This measure was successful – they made it. Wide passages of the cave were already laid dry, the helpers could stand for the most part. “They were very weak, but their will is strong. Two of the boys came directly to a stretcher in the emergency room. They are now being stabilized, “she quotes image a medical employee. The parents would not yet know which of the children were rescued – and that should remain so until everyone is safe. “Nobody should feel disadvantaged.” 18:51: For the four rescued boys, the next difficult phase of the rescue begins in the hospital: The children in the hospital were quarantined. The doctors wear caution body suits, as various media reported. It is still unclear with which substances the children under the earth came into contact. The parents are expected to come to them tomorrow night at the earliest. 18.12 clock: The number four seems to be now besigtigen: A total of four boys have already left the cave, as Operations Manager Narongsak Osottanakorn said on Sunday. A total of twelve boys and their trainer were trapped in the Tham Luang Cave. 17.01 clock: After the rescue of the first six boys from the Thai Tham Luang Cave, the rescue work is temporarily interrupted. The rescue of the remaining six boys still stuck in the cave and their trainer should begin at the earliest in ten hours, said Operations Manager Narongsak Osottanakorn on Sunday evening (local time). 16:32: Four boys rescued from the cave in Thailand are under medical treatment, according to the chief of the rescue mission. That said provincial governor Narongsak Osottanakorn on Sunday evening (local time) to journalists. Thus, the exact number of those saved was unclear: Previous statements by the civil protection authority, according to which already six boys were taken out of the cave, the governor did not confirm. “The operation was very smooth today,” Narongsak said. “We were faster than expected today.” He added that the rescue operation would continue in 10 to 20 hours. The divers would now have to refresh the breathing air supplies that had been used up in the first phase. All boys had been wearing respiratory masks and had been led by the divers through the tunnels. “I am glad that we have successfully completed our mission for the first four.” 16.07 clock: The other seven members of the youth football team should be released on Monday (local time) from the cave, said the Office of Civil Protection. 15:24: The rescue operation for the trapped in a Thai cave football team is progressing rapidly: A total of six boys have already left the cave said a representative of the Thai Ministry of Defense on Sunday. Now six boys and their coach are still stuck in the Tham Luang Cave. 15:06: Special divers have brought the first four of the thirteen included in a cave members of a boys football team into the outdoors. This was announced by the Thai Navy Seals on Sunday. 14:56: From the cave in Thailand have been saved according to a media report, a total of three of the included youth footballers. This was reported by the daily newspaper Bangkok Post on Sunday evening (local time). The rescuers are currently also investigating the health of three other boys – these were near the cave exit, it said. An official confirmation of the Thai authorities was not available at first. 14:47: As the Bangkok Post Reportedly, the first ambulances with the rescued children arrived at the “Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital”, which is about 60 kilometers from the cave. First ambulances have arrived at Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital. #ThamLuangRescue , – Bangkok Post (@BangkokPostNews) July 8, 2018 14:45: In the rescue operation for the trapped in a Thai cave football team, the first two boys have left the cave. Two more boys are on their way to the exit, said a spokesman for the Thai Ministry of Defense on Sunday. The children had been stuck in the partially flooded cave for 15 days. The forces had begun on Sunday with the high-risk mission to rescue the twelve boys and their coach, because the time is running out. On the way out, the children have to cover long distances by diving muddy water. 14:30: In the rescue operation for the stuck in a Thai cave football team, the first four boys have reached the base camp of the rescuers and thus managed the hardest part of the way. The rest of the way to the cave exit, the boys could quickly walk behind them, said a spokesman for the Thai Ministry of Defense on Sunday in Mae Sai. Now officially: First children released from Thailand cave 14:15: Tossathep Boonthong, head of the health department of Chiang Rai and part of the rescue team, the Reuthers news agency says: “Two children are outside. They are currently in the field hospital near the cave.” Currently, the liberated children are being examined. They have not been relocated to Chiang Rai Hospital, about 60 kilometers away. The BBC already showed a video in which an ambulance with blue lights drives away from the cave. A second ambulance has just come out – Helier Cheung (@HelierCheung) July 8, 2018 14:01: Now reports the Bangkok Post : Two boys can leave the cave. They should be on the way to the cave entrance. Also the BBC reports that “at least two boys” could be released from the Thailand cave. The US news channel NBC, citing the police, announces that two boys are free. The first 2 boys are on their way to the entrance of #ThamLuang cave. #D -Day – Bangkok Post (@BangkokPostNews) July 8, 2018 13.53: Here you can see the video message from the Thai news portal Khaosod English: Two boys have been rescued from the cave. The boys should have been strong enough to go to an ambulance. The reporter relies on a source from the emergency services. There is still no official confirmation of the rescue services. 1:48 pm: Also the Swiss news portal 20 minutes reports the successful rescue of two boys from the Thailand Cave. 2 boys are out: according to Thai media, the rescue of the football team from the cave precedes. – 20 minutes (@ 20min) July 8, 2018 1:44 pm: Now reports ZDF reporter Susana Santina via Twitter: “We have confirmation: The first 3 boys were rescued from the # cave.” So far, only two rescued children was mentioned. We have confirmation: The first 3 guys were able to get out of #Cave to be saved #Thailand @zdfheute – Susana Santina (@ susa7170) July 8, 2018 13:37: Meanwhile, also reports the Dutch daily De Telegraaf (citing Thai media: Two of the boys trapped in the cave should be free. There is still no official confirmation of rescue services for these reports! Thaise media: eerste grotjongens bevrijd – De Telegraaf (@ Telegraaf) July 8, 2018 13:12: Is there any reason to cheer? According to the Thai news portal Khaosod English Two children have left the cave. However, there is still no confirmation of rescue services for this message. As the portal reports, the two children are said to have been strong enough to go to the ambulances waiting in front of the cave. The first boy is said to have left the cave at 12:40 pm German time, the second boy is said to have reached the daylight ten minutes later. Currently, the allegedly successful rescue of two boys from the cave spreads via Twitter. Attention! There is still no official confirmation for this message! 6:24 pm PLEASE NOTE: These are unofficial announcements that have 2-3 boys emerged from the cave. Please wait for official announcement. However, they are hearing and hearing a lot of activity #ThamLuang # พา ทีม หมูป่า กลับ บ้าน # ถ้ำ หลวง #Thailand – Richard Barrow in Thailand (@RichardBarrow) July 8, 2018 13.07 clock: In a press release, the head of the Joint Command Center, Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn, released an update on the progress of the cave rescue: “The operation started at 10:00 in the morning, when 13 international divers entered the cave. 10 of them went as planned in chamber 9 (where the boys are) and chamber 6 (near the intersection). Another 3 cave divers have fulfilled their duty to support the diving efforts from 14.00 clock. There are a number of additional rescue teams including divers from Thailand, USA, Australia, China and Europe: these are stationed from chamber 3 to the entrance. There is also a cable system to support difficult terrain in chambers 2 and 3. ” Because of the difficulty of the operation, it is currently unpredictable how long it will take for the first child to make it outside. Media reports have so far said that the first could be outside at 16:00 (German time). “Because of the complexity of the cave and the difficulty of the operation”, it is currently unknown how long it will take for the team to produce the first boys. Divers work with doctors in the cave to assess the boys’ health before deciding who will come out first. You can not decide how many of them will come out for the first operation. Rescue from Thailand cave: expert is optimistic 12:54: Andy Eavis, former head of the British Cave Association, feels good about being rescued from the Thailand Cave. The cave divers in the Tham Luang Cave are “masters of their craft,” he told the BBC. Of all the people in the world, they have the best chance of successfully rescuing the boys. “The only real danger is panic,” he stressed. When the boys get used to being underwater, they should make it safely to the exit. “There is much encouragement, such as the fact that the boys did not panic when they were in the dark for nine days. They are pretty cool and calm. The authorities are not in a panic and I know the cave divers are not panicking either. ” 12:32: If you are looking for live pictures of the Tham Luang Cave: The station Thai PBS offers one Live stream to the rescue from the Thailand cave , However, you should master the Thai language to understand something. After all, the station occasionally also tweets in English. If you do not care about the language, Thai PBS gets topical pictures of the rescue operation. 12:13: The first group of four boys, who is accompanied by rescue divers, is on the way out. There are still no reports of complications in diving rescue. According to media reports, Adul Sam-on (14) is among the first to be on the path to freedom. If everything goes according to plan, children and divers could reach the exit of the cave around 4:00 pm German time. The rescue divers set off at 5:00 am to the trapped. Round trip should take about 11 hours. Helicopters are ready to fly the children to the largest hospital in the region. The Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital is about 60 kilometers from the Thailand Cave. These are just some of the helicopters standing by to fly out the 13 “Wild Boars” youth football team to the next hospital if necessary, as divers are beginning their extraction out of the #ThamLaung since earlier this morning. – Saksith Saiyasombut (@SaksithCNA) July 8, 2018 12.07 clock: Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn speaks of a “war on the water”: The monsoon rains at the Thailand Cave are getting stronger. The rain may prove to be the biggest problem in saving the children and their trainer. 11:32: How exactly does the rescue of the 13 people from the Thailand cave go? The government in Bangkok has released a graphic explaining how to get the kids and their coach free: two divers each accompany a boy, all of them are equipped with diving masks that cover their entire face. A rope helps with orientation in the narrow tunnels. In particularly narrow places, the compressed air bottles are stored, then transport the rescue diver boy and tank slowly through the bottleneck. Thai government releases graphic about #thamluangcaverescue , Full face masks; 2 divers accompanying 1 boy; guided by rope. When it’s time to get back in the car, it’s time to get back in the car. They walk from Chamber 3 to mouth of cave – Nick Beake (@Beaking_News) July 8, 2018 Rescue from Thailand Cave: Adul (14) as one of the first on the way to freedom 11:06: As reported by the Bangkok Post 14-year-old Adul Sam-on is said to be one of the first to be taken out of the cave. With him, three more guys are to be launched. Adul Sam-on was the one in the football team who, because of his English, was able to speak with the divers the children discovered in the cave six days ago. With him, three more children are on their way to freedom. The 13 trapped were divided into four groups by the rescue divers. The first group consists of four people, the groups two to four of three people each. Every boy on the way out should have two divers close to his side. The last to get the coach of the football team from the cave. 1
0.45 clock: According to the British Guardian The rescue divers must now have arrived at the trapped children in the Thailand cave. First, the rescuers want to take the strongest of boys with the way to freedom. The plan is to bring the boys and their trainer safely out of the sanctuary, about four kilometers from their sanctuary inside the cave. Each individual will be accompanied by at least one diver. 10.28 clock: Entrepreneur Elon Musk has the cave rescuers in Thailand much success for their risky rescue operation desired. After it became known that divers should bring the trapped boys on Sunday from the cave, Musk tweeted, he wishes the “extremely capable diving team” all the best. Because of the monsoon rain, the operation is now reasonable. Extremely talented dive team. Makes sense given monsoon. Godspeed. – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 8, 2018 Previously, there had probably been discussions with the tech billionaire that his company could help with the rescue operation with a mini submarine. On Friday, the 47-year-old had announced that engineers from his companies SpaceX and The Boring Company were on their way to Thailand. In addition, there are considerations to build a submarine in child size. His technicians would need about 8 hours for this. With the diving mission, this project should have overtaken. Rescue from Cave in Thailand: The first on Sunday afternoon in freedom? 10.17: A total of 18 divers are involved in the rescue, including experts from Great Britain and Australia. Among them is an Australian physician who could provide first aid. The plan is to bring the boys and their trainer safely out of the sanctuary, about four kilometers from their sanctuary inside the cave. Each individual will be accompanied by at least one diver. If necessary, they have to spend another night in the cave. Outside, more doctors are waiting to receive the team. Also helicopters are ready. The earliest possible time when the first boys could come out of the cave was Sunday night at 9:00 pm (4:00 pm CEST). The rescue could also last until Monday or even longer. The last one expected is the coach. So that the use is not hampered by the large contingent of media, the authorities locked the entrance to the cave from a large area. More than 1,000 journalists from all over the world, some of whom have been following the drama since the beginning, had to leave the area. 10.09 clock: As the BBC reports, divers need six hours to reach those trapped in the cave. For the way back to freedom, the rescue workers expect five hours. Since the rescue mission began at 5:00 am German time, the first of the trapped could be freed around 4:00 pm. 9.35 am: The Thai news site “Khaosod English” reports what should happen to the boys as soon as they are released from the Tham Luang Cave: 13 ambulances are standing by the cave – an ambulance for each of the trapped. If the liberated lives well in the circumstances, the ambulances should transport them to a hospital 60 kilometers away. The travel time to “Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital” is about one hour. If someone is in mortal danger, helicopters are available at an airfield five kilometers away. The helicopters will fly those to the air force base “Wing Division 416 Air Base” in Chiang Rai City. From there, an ambulance is to transport the liberated to the “Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital”. Rescue from the cave in Thailand: The card with the emergency route to the hospital 9:27: The ARD reports : At 11.00 am German time, the divers would have to be with the trapped children. Then the risky way out. 9.17 clock: According to the crisis team, the attempt to rescue children trapped in a Thai cave on Sunday will take two to three days. The twelve footballers and their coach are to be taken “one after the other” from the flooded Tham Luang Cave, said Lt. Gen. Chalongchai Chaiyakorn to journalists. The duration of the risky mission depends, among other things, on the weather. 9:11: A hospital near the cave seems to be ready to accept the trapped boys. Already standing in front of a hospital in Chiang Rai. Carrying the boys in front of a hospital in Chiang Rai. © AFP / YE AUNG THU Thai Navy Seals: “We bring them home” 8.57 am: The diving team in Thailand has sworn to bring out the young footballers trapped in the cave. On the Facebook page of the Thai marine divers, they posted a picture showing their team spirit. Three divers grab each other’s wrists, only their hands and forearms are visible forming a triangle. “We, the Thai team and the international team, will bring the Wild Boars home,” states below. “Wild Boars” is the nickname of the boys football team that has been stuck in the cave near Chiang Rai since June 23. 8.26 clock: Parts of the cave are still under water. This means that for some parts, the boys need scuba diver equipment to move forward. Provincial Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said that in recent days, the level of water in the cave has decreased enough, thanks to the drainage measures. So now many parts could be walked on foot. Australian paramedics entered the cave on Sunday to assess the health status of the boys. They confirmed that the guys are ready. 6.15: The rescue operation for the boys trapped in the cave and their football coach has begun. “I can confirm that we are ready for action today,” said provincial governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, who also directs the action. “The weather is good. The water level is good. The divers are ready. The boys are physically, mentally and psychologically ready to come out. ” During the operation, each boy is to be accompanied by two divers. The boys are to be brought out bit by bit. The experts expect the mission, which started at 10 am local time (5 CEST), to end on Sunday evening at 9 pm (4 pm CEST). Mini submarine could bring children out of the cave in Thailand 21:25: Through Twitter, Elon Musk shares his current plan for rescuing the trapped children from the cave. It is therefore possible to build a mini-submarine for the road to freedom. If it works, the children would not have to dive themselves, which is considered extremely dangerous. Such a mini submarine could be built from a component of the Falcon rocket, which was developed by the company SpaceX. Musk explains the benefits as follows: Such a vehicle would be light enough to be moved by two divers, would fit through narrow sections of the cave, and be extremely sturdy. Got more great feedback from Thailand. Primary path is basically a tiny, kid-size submarine using the liquid oxygen transfer tube of Falcon rocket as hull. Light enough to be carried by two divers, small enough to get through narrow gaps. Extremely robust. – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 7, 2018 Children in Thailand Cave: Help from Elon Musk arrives 16:50: Already on Friday had Elon Musk
announced to send own engineers to the cave in Thailand , They should help to save the children. Just one day later, the expert team is on the way. The Bangkok Post reported that nine-headed team has taken the preparations for the work and one Arrival in Thailand expected for the Saturday evening becomes. One of the engineers was already in the country because he was vacationing there. The billionaire Elon Musk has sent the team at their own expense. He said that this would not cost the Government of Thailand. The engineers of the Space company and Boring, a company active in tunnel construction , should help on the ground to find a solution. Children in Thailand Cave: Favorable time for rescue attempt 15:27: The cave drama of Thailand becomes a race against time. The situation is hot. There is some evidence of a speedy attempt to rescue the twelve trapped boys and their football coach. They have been stuck in a cave for two weeks. The weather forecast puts the rescuers under time pressure. The time for a rescue attempt is just cheap, says the head of the mission on Saturday evening (local time). But a decision for a mission has still not fallen. Diving for hours through the flooded cave could be life threatening for the weakened boy. Wait, too. The head of the mission, provincial governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, is in a difficult position. Currently, the conditions for rescue – in terms of the water level and the health of the twelve boys and their coach – “very suitable”. But the discussions and preparations were still going on. The mother of one of the trapped children shows a picture on her tablet that was taken in the Thailand Cave. © AFP / LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA Children in Thailand Cave: Expert warns of hasty rescue 14.55: The well-known former Navy Seal and swimmer Cade Courtley has already warned against diving rescue in an interview with CNN. This was life-threatening for the trapped, he stressed. After the death of a Thai diver during the rescue work, another expert now reports with a warning. Even the experienced cave diver Andreas Kücher speaks out clearly against a diving rescue. As a member of the speleology group Ostalp-Kirchheim, he knows the challenges of diving in pitch-black tunnels. In an interview with Bild-Zeitung He warns of a hasty rescue attempt to rescue the children from the Thailand Cave. “The difficulty is just that there is rainy season and there is a lot of water in the cave right now” explains Küchert. “The rescue divers dive there in a coffee-water. That is cloudy water. You do not even see the hand in front of your eyes “There is also one very strong current in the cave , “These are the main difficulties for the rescuers.” Unmistakably emphasizes cave expert Kücher: “I think it’s madness to get the kids out there.” He advises the emergency services Wait , “I think you should keep some peace there. Mother Nature will sooner or later release the children. ” Kücher was already in 2006 in the Tham Luang Cave, in which the football team is included. The most important thing now is to stabilize the twelve children and their coach and to encourage them. He suspects that a more suitable situation will arise for the rescue: “I myself was in this cave in August. There was much less water than now. There may be a time window where the water goes back, where it is easier to free the children. If such a time window should not exist, then it simply means: wait! By the end of September at the latest, the water goes back and then you can dry back. The children have to be patient. ” As for the living conditions in the cave, Kücher makes hope. The air inside is about 27 degrees warm, the water 25 degrees. However, he admits that it is hard to stay inside for so long. “When I come back to the light, it’s an intense event for me. It feels a little bit like a rebirth to me. “For the children, persevering will be” a big break in their lives “. Children in Thailand cave: Rescue conditions slightly improved 14:13: After two weeks, the conditions for rescuing the boys from the Thai cave have improved slightly on Saturday, but the window of opportunity threatens to close soon. The water had been pumped out of the flooded cave as much as possible, said the head of the rescue operation, Narongsak Osottanakorn. But new monsoon rains could raise the levels again and the carbon dioxide content worries the helpers. Meanwhile, the boys turned to their parents with moving letter messages. “Now and in the next three or four days, the conditions are perfect with regard to the water level, the weather and the health of the boys,” said Narongsak, referring to a possible rescue effort. “We have to decide clearly what we can do.” Children in Thailand Cave write moving letters to family 12:16: The football boys, who have been stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand for two weeks, sent moving messages to their families. A rescue diver brought the handwritten notes, which were released by the Thai elite unit Navy Seals on Saturday on their Facebook page. “Do not worry, we’re all strong,” wrote one of the twelve footballers between the ages of eleven and sixteen. Another, 15-year-old Phiphat Photi, called “Nick,” wrote, “Dear Mom and Dad, and my little brother, if I’m out of here, could you bring me some grilled pork and vegetables?” Pheerapat, nicknamed “Night”, who turned 16 in the northern province of Chiang Rai, consoled his “beloved parents” and his sister. You should not worry about him. “I love you all!” The relatives, who camped for days in front of the cave entrance, were moved to tears. “I’m so happy to see his letter and handwriting,” said Mother of the Night, Supalik Sompiengjai, AFP News Agency. It does not matter how long she has to wait. Main thing, her son is safe. Governor: Good time for rescue attempt of children from Thailand cave 11.47 clock: In the cave drama of Thailand, a rescue attempt would be possible according to official assessment. However, discussions and preparations to see if and when to get the young footballers out of the cave are still in progress, said provincial governor and rescue team leader Narongsak Osotthanakorn on Saturday night local time. The water level underground and the state of health of the trapped were “very suitable”. Hundred rescue shafts to children in Thai cave drilled 10:44: The 13-year-old son of the Thai king, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, has written encouraging words to the young footballers trapped in a cave. However, the twelve boys will not be able to read the card: the prince, who lives temporarily near Munich, wrote in German. “Dear children, you were probably very scared, but I’ve always thought of you,” wrote Dipangkorn in block letters. “I am overjoyed that you are all healthy. My big thanks also go to all the helpers who made this rescue possible! All the best, Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, “it said in the letter written on 3 July. The Thai newspaper “Khao Sod” published the good wishes on Friday , King Maha Vajiralongkorn spends a lot of time in Bavaria, where he owns a villa on Lake Starnberg. 7.29 clock: Forces in Thailand have drilled more than a hundred rescue shafts to free the football boy stuck in a flooded cave for two weeks in this way. However, the twelve children and their trainer have not been reached in the drilling so far, as the head of the rescue operation, Narongsak Osottanakorn, said on Saturday. The children are too weakened to dive outdoors. The holes through the mountain are up to 400 meters deep, said Osottanakorn. The exact location of the boys at a depth of about 600 meters has not yet been found, he added. The twelve footballers between eleven and 16 years had gone with the coach in the kilometer-long Tham Luang cave, just before it was largely flooded by prolonged monsoon rains. First, the trapped ones should dive back to the cave entrance. However, according to authorities, the boys are for the time being too weak for the risky dive. 6:47: The teenagers, who have been stuck in a Thai cave for two weeks, have addressed their moving families in a moving letter. “Do not worry, we are all strong” – that’s what it says on a hand-written piece of paper, which a rescue diver sent to the members camping for days before the cave entrance. “When we get out of here, we want to eat a lot of things. We want to go home as soon as possible. ” The message written in blue ink on notepad paper was published on Saturday on the Facebook page of the Thai special forces Navy Seals. In it, each of the twelve boys between the ages of 11 and 16 seemed to address personal words to his family and friends outdoors. “I want to eat fried pork,” broke out one of the youth footballers, who, together with her 25-year-old coach, suffered the greatest physical and mental strain. Great sadness after the death of a diver. © AFP / PANUMAS SANGUANWONG The coach apologized to the relatives of his charges in the letter, thanked them for their support and promised them to take care of the boys in the best possible way. “They’re all doing well at the moment,” said Ekapol Chanthawong. After training on June 23, the group had visited Thailand’s fourth largest cave in the northern province of Chiang Rai, but was probably surprised by a flash flood and saved itself deeper and deeper into the water masses. The chamber in which they were found by British rescue divers on Monday is about four kilometers from the entrance to the cave, which covers a total of about ten kilometers. The way back is blocked to the young people due to the flooded cave tract. 6:32: The drama surrounding the youth group encased in a Thai cave recalls the fate of miners spilled in a Chilean mine in 2010. The 33 buddies had to endure for 69 days in a shelter at 700 meters depth. Ultimately, they were brought in a spectacular rescue operation through a lavishly drilled rescue shaft with a Zugkapsel to the earth’s surface. Also to rescue the twelve Thai youth footballers and their coach, the drilling of a 600 -meter-long rescue shaft into the cave is conceivable, where they persevere for two weeks. However, from the perspective of geoscientist and engineer Suttisak Soralump of Kasetsart University in Bangkok, this option is “rather unrealistic”. The “miners” in the mine accident in Chile 2010. © dpa / Handout A hole to the cave chamber of the boys is much more complicated than the mine accident in Chile’s Atacama Desert, said Suttisak the Thai news portal “The Nation”. Unlike the mine, the Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non Cave is a natural cavity in northern Thailand. Therefore, there are not enough geological data for engineers. In the case of the Chilean mine, however, the subsoil was completely measured and the hole was therefore largely free of surprises. At that time, the rescue services were able to use a comprehensive set of data for their own purposes. The cave in Thailand’s border region Chiang Rai, however, is little explored because of their difficult to reach location and is mainly visited by locals. With an extension of about ten kilometers, it is one of the longest caves in the country. News from the 6th of July 21:21: The boys, who are stuck in a cave in Thailand, will not be able to dive into the open air for the time being. The football team and their coach are not yet ready for the complicated dive, said the head of the rescue operation, Narongsak Osottanakorn, early Saturday morning. In addition, a marine representative said the rescue window would get smaller. 19:21: High-tech pioneer Elon Musk has offered his help in rescuing the football team stuck in a Thai cave. The US entrepreneur told Friday via the short message service Twitter, he has sent teams of its space company SpaceX and its engineering firm Boring in the Southeast Asian country. Boring specializes in tunneling. The seconded engineers of both companies were to look locally to see if they could be “helpful,” Musk wrote. There are likely to be many complications in the rescue operations, “which are difficult to assess when you’re not there.” The entrepreneur explained that his specialists should explore how water can be pumped out of the tunnel or pumped in air. SpaceX & Boring Co engineers headed to Thailand tomorrow to see if we can be helpful to govt. There are probably many complexities that are hard to appreciate. – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 6th July 2018 17:18: Who are the kids and their trainer in the Thailand Cave? The British Guardian has researched her life stories. Two of them are presented here. Adul Sam-on (14) He spoke first in the cave with the British divers who had discovered the trapped. Because: As the only one in his team, Adul speaks English. He has learned the language in his church. In fact, few Thai people speak fluent English. When the divers arrived, the others in the cave called Adul: “Eat, eat, eat.” To which he replied: “I told you so. “Which day do we have?”, He asks in English in the video of the British rescue divers, who found the boys in the cave after days of fear. He and the others are hungry, Adul says. The boy’s pictures, blinded by the flashlight, went around the world. Adul comes from the de facto autonomous, but not recognized Wa state in neighboring Myanmar. The violent conflict of the ruling militia with the government of Myanmar has forced thousands of people into exile. Hoping for a better life for him, Adul’s parents sent him to Thailand, where he has been teaching in a Christian school for seven years. Without a passport and without a birth certificate, he is one of more than 400,000 people who are registered as stateless in Thailand, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Other sources say that up to 3.5 million people in the country are not citizens. His teachers praise Adul’s athletic ambition and his talent for language. Besides Thai and English, he also speaks Burmese and Mandarin Chinese. Nevertheless, he will not have it easy even after his hoped-for rescue from the cave. Stateless persons can not legally marry in Thailand, open a bank account, own or choose land. But he would not be discouraged, it says from his environment.
Ekkapol Janthawong (25): He is the coach of the team “Moo Pa”, which means “wild boars” in German. Ekkapol was a monk for eight years. His parents have already died. In the cave he is an emotional support to the boys and even gives them their food. The twelve footballers between the ages of eleven and 16 years had gone into the cave with their 25-year-old coach, just before it was largely flooded by prolonged monsoon rains. On Monday they were found intact and provided with food. But they are still stuck in the cave, their rescue is difficult. After warning from Navy Seal and Death: Further diving rescue planned 14:46: Even after the warning from Navy Seal Cade Courtley and the death of a Thai diver in the Tham Luang Cave, the football team is apparently released with a diving rescue. “To emerge from the cave will be an option,” said the Dane Ivan Karadzic, who participates as a diver in the rescue work. Navy Seal Cade Courtley, in an interview with CNN, had specifically warned against liberating the football team from the cave with a dive rescue. “I hate to say that, but some kids will die trying to get them out with gear.” Courtley emphasized that it is difficult even for experienced divers to reach the cave , Children who could barely or not at all swim with a diving rescue from the cave to free is highly risky. For Courtley’s point of view, it seems the death of Thai rescue diver Saman Kunan to speak. The former marine diver wanted to place containers of breathing air in the cave and lost consciousness on the way back. Despite this, foreign divers on the ground were optimistic that they could successfully salvage the twelve adolescents and their coach. “To emerge from the cave will be an option,” said Dane Ivan Karadzic. It was initially unclear why the diver ran out of oxygen , His breathing bottle may not have worked properly, or the air in it had gone out, it said. After his death, the grew Concern that breathing air could also be scarce for trapped boys between the ages of 11 and 16 and their trainer , The oxygen content in the cave chamber, in which the group is located, is currently around 15 percent, but otherwise amounts to about 20 percent, said the involved in the rescue Army General Chalongchai Chaiyakam. The rescuers therefore wanted to channel oxygen into the cave chamber where the football team found refuge. The planned pipe from the cave entrance to the chamber must be about 4.7 kilometers long, the general continued. “Our main job today is to put a pipe in the chamber so that the group gets more air to breathe.” After Navy Seal Warning: Diver dies in Thailand Cave 12. 36 clock: Navy Seal Cade Courtley should be tragically right in his warning that the children could die in a diving rescue: Ironically, a former member of the Thai special unit Navy Seals has come in a dive killed. Saman Kunan had placed bottles of oxygen in the cave. On the way back to the camp of the rescue workers he ran out of oxygen and he lost consciousness. This incident shows how big are the dangers of a diving rescue from the cave , Are the rescue teams now considering another plan for how to free the football team? In the media are currently still brought into play other ways to free the trapped ones , Media discussed In addition to diving and drilling, it is also possible to dry out the cave with the help of pumps so that the boys could leave on foot , In view of the masses of water, however, this solution currently appears unlikely , There are also suggestions a kind of escape tube through which the trapped could be pulled on skateboards. However, the implementation of these ideas is apparently not considered by those responsible. A few days ago, emergency services also brought the Drilling a rescue shaft into the game, through which the football team could be brought outside. Just: The Tham Luang Cave is 800 meters below the surface of the earth , Thus, the rescue forces would have to drill through about a kilometer of rock. The British Cave Rescue Council is skeptical of whether a hole could really free the entrapped. The boys are “in a relatively small space, which would make any drilling attempt as a means of rescue very difficult,” said the organization. Rescue workers pump water from the Tham Luang Cave. © AFP / LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA Drama in Thailand Cave: Former Navy Seal warns about diving rescue 10:51 am: Cade Courtley is a former Navy Seal and seasoned fighter. He spent thousands of hours under water in extreme conditions like absolute darkness and the book “The Navy SEAL Survival Guide” on survival in exceptional situations published. Courtley, in an interview with CNN, warns against bringing the children out of the Thailand Cave accompanied by divers. “I hate to say that, but some kids will die trying to get them out with gear.” Courtley explains how to imagine such a diving rescue: “When I served in Seal Team One, I was part of a special diving unit. I spent thousands of hours under water. I had missions in absolute darkness and in extreme tightness. Two experienced divers needed several attempts and were 90 minutes on the road to reach the football team in the cave. These were two professional divers. And you really want to get someone who is only eleven years old and can not even swim, get them to put on diving equipment and cover the same distance in 90 minutes – or more in two hours? And after these people have been exhausted and afraid for more than ten days? Then, for the first time in their lives, should they put on diving gear and breathe underwater – even if they have trouble swimming? There is so much that can go wrong with such an action! If you have a problem with your equipment while diving in the sea, then you can simply swim to the surface. But that’s not possible in such tunneling systems. ” Courtley wonders why the rescuers fail to remove the water from the cave: “Can not find a way to drain off water, dam it, and keep extra water away from the cave entrance? There are pumps that you can fly in within an hour, which can siphon off thousands of gallons of water in a minute. If we can not do that in 2018 and we say that diving is our best option then that’s a problem. ” The trapped in the Thailand cave are currently not in mortal danger. After all, they received food and medical care. “Her situation is currently not pleasant, but she is stable and not life-threatening. So we have the luxury that we have enough time. Given this time, we should do a risk analysis of all our rescue options. ” Tölzer Taucher helps to rescue the youth from Thailand Cave July 6th, 9:30 am: One of experienced local divers in Thailand comes from Bad Tölz and is called Nick Vollmar as Mercury reports. He joins the local support team since last Tuesday and is a professional diver. Only trained divers can reach the cave, because you have to dive almost completely blind for six hours. Klopp sends video message to included football team in Thailand Cave July 6, 8:15 pm: Star Team Manager Jürgen Klopp (51) from Liverpool fights with the football team from Thailand, trapped in a flooded cave, and has encouraged the boy and her coach. “Stay strong and be sure that we’re with you,” said Klopp in a video message for the US channel CNN. “We follow all the news and hope every second that you will see daylight again, we are all very optimistic that it will happen – hopefully in minutes, hours or the next few days,” said Klopp, citing the club motto of the Champions League. Finalists: “You’ll never walk alone”. Jürgen Klopp encourages young people trapped in a Thai cave by video message. © AFP / GLYN KIRK Also Brazil Former world champion Ronaldo touches the drama of the twelve boys between the ages of eleven and sixteen and their coach. “It’s terrible news and the world of football hopes someone can find a way to get these kids away,” the 41-year-old said. Center-back John Stones (24) hopes, like the rest of the England team, that the team can be saved. “It’s so sad to see where they are and we hope they will come out alive and well,” said Stones before the quarter-final against Sweden (Saturday, 4:00 pm). And even FIFA has meanwhile intervened and said that they would invite the boys to the World Cup finals, if they should be freed by then. Diver dies in Thailand in rescue attempt of the young people from the cave 6th July, 6:30 : A former member of the Thai special forces Navy Seals had died because of lack of oxygen in the cave, the authorities said on Friday. According to this, the man had tried to place oxygen containers in the cave and lost consciousness on the way back. It is the first fatal incident in the hitherto unsuccessful efforts to salvage the youth footballers and their coach in the northern province of Chiang Rai. The rescue of the boys trapped in the flooded cave in Thailand must also be faster than initially thought: The window of salvation is “limited,” said the commander of the Thai military unit Navy Seal, Apakorn Yookongkaew, on Friday to journalists. Thus, the boys can not wait for the end of the monsoon season. Teenagers imprisoned in cave in Thailand: Rain worries rescuers 5th July: Chiang Rai – New rains may further delay the rescue of the youth footballer and her coach, who have been trapped in a cave in Thailand for nearly two weeks. “What worries us most is the weather. If it rains again, our efforts may be setback, as has happened before, “said Rescue Leader Narongsak Osotthanakorn at a press conference on Thursday. Last week, a search mission had to be interrupted for several days already because of rain and flooding of the cave. “We are now waiting for an assessment of the weather conditions by the meteorologists and an assessment of the physical condition of the boys by the rescue unit,” Narongsak said. If there was a 90 percent chance of getting the boys out safely with divers, they would dare. Young people trapped in the cave must learn to dive 4th of July: The boy stuck in the flooded cave in Thailand is still fine. In a Wednesday on the Facebook page of the military unit Thai Navy Seal published video are initially eleven of the 13 members of the included football team to see. They laugh at the camera and explain that they are in good health. The boys in the video greet each other in a traditional Thai manner, then introduce themselves and say, “I’m fine.” Some are wrapped in blankets and seen in the wetsuit accompanied by a smiling diver. At the end of the clip, one of the twelve boys says he was forgotten in the introductory round – causing laughter. The boys are more relaxed in the video and much fitter than at the time of their discovery on Monday. However, the rescue could take months, many chambers of the cave are still flooded. The boys and their trainers are provided with food and medicine and should learn to dive. Time for rescue of the teenager from cave in Thailand unclear 2nd July: The nightmare is not over yet: too after her discovery For more than a week, the youth footballer trapped in a cave in Thailand must continue to wait for rescue. “We have to be one hundred percent sure that they can come out safely,” said Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, early Tuesday morning. There was no time limit until when the twelve boys aged 11 to 16 years and their trainer would be taken out of the cave. Soccer team in Thailand included in cave © dpa / Uncredited In any case, the teenagers are doing relatively well, he continued. “None of the guys is in mortal danger. Most have minor health problems. “A doctor had been sent to the boys to examine her. They were given medications and energy drinks. In any case, the discovery of the team was a great success. “We have reached a historic turning point. We accomplished something that we thought was a mission impossible, “he said. Thailand: Teens and their trainer are well in the cave 2nd July: The Thai authorities said on Monday evening that the teenagers and their coaches had been well discovered. The plan was to pump the water out of the cave and then get it. For days, a flood in the corridors had prevented the rescuers from advancing. After rains on Monday, the water level had even risen recently. Soccer team in Thailand included in cave © dpa / Sakchai Lalit A video of the forces had shown in the evening the children inside the cave in the light of flashlights – exhausted, but overjoyed. The divers had penetrated the cave for more than three kilometers. Teenagers in Thailand included in cave; Flash flood surprised soccer team June 24: The twelve boys between the ages of eleven and sixteen and their 25-year-old football coach entered training at the Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non Cave in Chiang Raim Province some 1,000 kilometers north of Bangkok on June 23. In the region at the 20th northern latitude is now rainy season. According to authorities, the group had been surprised by a flash flood and He had saved himself deeper and deeper into the cave before the rising water , Details on the course were still unclear. The parents of the missing had spent days in front of the cave. The rescuers got further into the cave, but came to a bend, where the cave path divided in two directions. The condition of the adolescents and their trainer were unclear at this time. Soccer team in Thailand included in cave © – / kyodo / dpa dpa / AFP is part of the Ippen Digital Network.


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