Caviar, black pearls and private planes at Marta Ortega’s wedding | Radio Coruña | Today for Today A Coruña

Six and a half years after your first marriage, Marta Ortega will remarry, this Friday at the family home of The Parrote, a building of the XIX century of 3,000 square meters, before the notary Francisco Manuel Ordonez. He is the same professional who “guards Amancio’s patrimonial secrets.”

It will be an “intimate ceremony” with Carlos Torretta, according to David Gigirey, collaborator of Hoy por Hoy A Coruña, before the great celebration at the Royal Nautical Club, with 400 guests, including some of the world’s great fortunes.

Marta Ortega has several dresses prepared to choose the day of the ceremony according to “the weather and the mood”. It will be, in any case, a “classic and comfortable look, simple cut”.

His father, AmancioHe will be the only man who will not wear a tuxedo. He will wear a black suit made in Inditex “with an exquisite pattern.” Of smoking yes it will go “Amancito”, the son of Marta Ortega’s first marriage, with Sergio Álvarez.

The Real Club Náutico has already prepared for the occasion. The facade facing the sea has been painted and the carpets have been changed. It will host the cocktail party, dinner, and after party.

Long before preparations will begin for Marta Ortega. A hairdressing team from “New York” will do the hairstyle. On Thursday, the day before, the bride will undergo a cleansing and exfoliation “enriched with the renewing energy of caviar, diamond, black pearl and hyaluronic acid”, Gigirey explains.

The next day in the morning, she will use “a mask of natural extracts and avocado oil serum” and will have “a cocktail of vitamins”.

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The gala party will be held on Saturday in New Houses. And there Marta Ortega will wear “a dress that will remind you of that golden age of Hollywood.” In the equestrian complex, security measures are already being reinforced, while at the airports of A Coruña and Santiago they make room for private planes in which some of the guests will arrive.