C’Chartres Cyclisme: The 2023 squad – News

C’Chartres Cyclisme will be able to count on a workforce of sixteen riders for its N2 in 2023, including its reserve. Six new riders join the team whose jerseys you can find by clicking here.

The 2023 squad of C’Chartres Cyclisme :
Baptiste Constantin, 28 years old
Julien Dujardin, 21 years old (USSA Pavilly Barentin)
Matthieu Durpaix, 26 years old
Arnaud Fouquet, 20 years old
Clément Morichon, 27 (Orléans Loiret Cycling)
Clément Ollivier, 19 years old (AV Thiais)

Open 1
Leopold André, 21 years old
Theo Auzoux, 21 years old
Benjamin Bertrand, 22 ans (UV Descartes)
Julien Bouteiller, 19 years old (PL Paul Bert Tours)
Quentin Du Mouza, 18 years old (US Saint-Pierre-des-Corps)
Gabriel Coulondre, 18 years old
Dimitri Jousse, 19 years old
Maxime House, 24 years old
Thomas Rises, 20 years
Thomas Touchard, 19 years old

Departures: Ludovic Bideau (USSA Pavilly Barentin), Grégory Pauchet (VC Amateur Saint-Quentin), Christopher Piry (Paris Cycliste Olympique).